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How to recycling disposable diaper?

GEP Ecotech is a solid waste recycling solution provider. We provides a wide selection of industrial shredders and crushers to satisfy your material size reduction requirements, which feature stable performance, high production efficiency and easy maintenance. We pay attention to every detail of the machine to help you improve productivity, save energy and maximize economic benefits. In addition to standard industrial shredder and crushers, customized size reduction machines can also be offered according to your material shredding requirements. A variety of screens and rotors are selectable to achieve the best processing performance.

Disposable diaper is one type of disposable consumables in our daily life. According to statistics, every year the United States produces 21 billion disposable diapers which are becoming waste once used. The UK disposes of 2.5 billion of diapers each year. Those disposable diapers mostly will be abandoned and buried in landfills, while diapers cannot easily be decomposed and it may exist for half a millennium in the land. This is not only a waste of big resources but can also create harm to the environment. As such, disposable diaper recycling is quite necessary and important.

Instead of landfills, disposable diapers can be recycled in many ways. For example, in Canada, there is a company using new technology to change the large volume of disposable diapers into diesel. They apply a high-temperature decomposition technique to heat the diapers in a sealed environment with 600-degree centigrade, the diapers will finally turn into fuel after thermal decomposition and carbon chain decomposition. During the whole process, it has no emissions. The produced “Diaper Diesel” is a kind of renewable energy that can be used in many industries. According to this company, every 30 thousand tons of diapers can produce 11 thousand tons of diesel.

Other than diesel, disposable diapers can also be shredded and recycled to other products. During the recycling process, the first step is shredding them into small pieces which can facilitate the separation of the plastic material from the pulp-like material. Then the shredded materials are washed in water which contains the special ingredients. Finally, they will become separated plastic and dehydrated pulp-like materials and they can be used as new material for producing new products.

GEP Ecotech owns various types and models of shredders with various options of capacity and shreds size to meet your specific size-reduction demand. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will provide you the most suitable solution to fit your project. Visit our site www.wanrooe.com to view various options.

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