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Industrial Hazardous Waste Disposal Solution

GEP Ecotech is a solid waste recycling solution provider. We provides a wide selection of industrial shredders and crushers to satisfy your material size reduction requirements, which feature stable performance, high production efficiency and easy maintenance. We pay attention to every detail of the machine to help you improve productivity, save energy and maximize economic benefits. In addition to standard industrial shredder and crushers, customized size reduction machines can also be offered according to your material shredding requirements. A variety of screens and rotors are selectable to achieve the best processing performance.

The industrial hazardous waste disposal solution developed by GEP Ecotech Group is suitable for shredding of hazardous waste, industrial waste, chemical waste, paint bucket, battery, oil filter and some other industrial wastes. The crushing cavity and the power unit adopt multiple sealing device so it has good sealing performance and corrosion resistance. The machine shell can adopt stainless steel according to the requirements. The blades is made of high intensity alloy steel which features good abrasive resistance and relatively high intensity, greatly improving the service life. The design of movable machine enables easy maintenance, uniform material discharging and controllable product size, thus, it can satisfy the shredding requirements of different hazardous wastes. There are also professional and special designs in the following aspects: corrosion resistance, leakage proof, explosion resistance etc. The complete machine is equipped with fire-fighting system of nitrogen and carbon dioxide and safety door, ensuring the good safety and sealing performance during the process of material feeding to shredding.

The industrial hazardous waste disposal solution has wide applications: it can be widely used in shredding of hazardous waste, industrial waste, chemical waste, paint bucket, battery, oil filter and some other industrial wastes.

Outline dimensional drawing of the main machine
Type HW408 HW410 HW412 HW510
Outline dimension L/W/H(mm) 3685×2030×2917 3885×2030×2910 4085×2030×2910 4554×2600×3160
Crushing cavity dimension C/D(mm) 800×730 1000×730 1200×730 1000×950
Turning diameter of the blade (mm) φ430 φ430 φ430 φ510
Blade number (pcs) 20 25 30 20
Blade thickness (mm) 40 40 40 50
Main machine power (kw) 45 60 60 90
Machine weight (kg) 3100 3600 4000 6000
Type HW513 HW516 HW613 HW618
Outline dimension L/W/H(mm) 4854×2600×3169 5154×2600×3160 5250×2850×3460 5750×2850×3460
Crushing cavity dimension C/D(mm) 1300×950 1600×950 1300×1200 1800×1200
Turning diameter of the blade (mm) φ510 φ510 φ650 φ650
Blade number (pcs) 26 32 26 36
Blade thickness (mm) 50 50 50 50
Main machine power (kw) 110 110 160 160
Machine weight (kg) 7500 8200 11500 12600

The industrial hazardous waste disposal solution has the following features:
1. The blades are made of imported alloy steel which features high intensity and good abrasive resistance.

2. The crushing cavity and power unit adopts multiple sealing device so that it is highly corrosion resistant and abrasive resistant.

3. The complete machine is equipped with fire-fighting system of nitrogen and carbon dioxide so it is safe and reliable.

After-sales service of GEP Ecotech Group:
1. We have professional counselor who can provide specific solutions according to the material to be treated of our customers.

2. GEP Ecotech Group can provide installation and debugging services: we have experienced installation and debugging technician teams who can provide our customers with rapid installation guide and training supporting.

3. There is a service hotline: in order to support the production factory, you can contact our service engineers immediately 24/7 for emergency. This can minimize the loss caused by shutting down of the machine.

4. The sufficient inventory of parts: in order to reduce the cost of part inventory of our customers and provide better and faster service, we can rapidly provide you with parts with general specifications.

5. We provide professional training: to ensure that the technicians from our customers' company can master the machine performance, operation and maintenance process, we can provide various professional tutorial class in our factory besides normal on-site technical training. So the users of our product can master the technology more rapidly and more all sidedly.


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