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The Processes of Printed Circuit Board PCB Recycling

GEP Ecotech is a solid waste recycling solution provider. We provides a wide selection of industrial shredders and crushers to satisfy your material size reduction requirements, which feature stable performance, high production efficiency and easy maintenance. We pay attention to every detail of the machine to help you improve productivity, save energy and maximize economic benefits. In addition to standard industrial shredder and crushers, customized size reduction machines can also be offered according to your material shredding requirements. A variety of screens and rotors are selectable to achieve the best processing performance.

What can be recycled in PCB?
According to research on ordinary PCB boards, the percentages of electronic components, substrates and solder are 58%, 37% and 5%, respectively. For each ton of substrate, it contains about 40% metallic materials and 60% non-metals, which contains almost all common elements in the periodic table. It is estimated that for a 1 ton computer circuit board, it contains 0.5 kg of gold, 130 kg of copper, 10 kg of iron, 60 kg of lead, 40 kg of tin, 36 kg of nickel, 40 kg of antimony and some other rare precious metals such as platinum, palladium Wait.

What do we recycle PCB?
As a manufacturer specializing in waste management, GEP Ecotech has been working hard to improve the technology of recycling PCB, which is one of the most important parts of electronic waste. In the past, PCB boards were easily disposed of by incineration or chemical treatment, which severely polluted the air and seriously damaged people’s lives. After years of research, we realized that waste PCB boards can be directly recycled through a clean physical process. The new PCB recycling machine we developed is completely environmentally friendly and can run under a compact PLC control system. Our PCB recycling process includes shredding, crushing, rotary vibrating screen, vacuum separation and electrostatic separation as well as vacuum feeding and pulse dust collector, which can be adjusted according to the order.

What benefits can you get?
With the help of PLC control system, it can make the PCB recycling machine fully automatic, stable in performance and easy to operate. The PCB recycling machine is designed as an integrated compact structure, which saves space and is easy to install. In addition, through on-site installation, commissioning and operation training services, installation and operation hassles can be avoided. In the PCB recycling process, the PCB is first shredded or crushed, then sieved through a rotary vibrating screen, and then separated by air separation and electrostatic separation, and the recovery rate can reach 99.9%.

What is the PCB recycling process?
1. Preprocess the PCB board with electronic components to remove the electronic components from the PCB substrate, so that the PCB substrate is further processed by the PCB recycling machine.
2. The PCB board is crushed and separated to extract precious metals and resin fibers.


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