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Two-Shaft Shredder H500/2

GEP Ecotech is a solid waste recycling solution provider. We provides a wide selection of industrial shredders and crushers to satisfy your material size reduction requirements, which feature stable performance, high production efficiency and easy maintenance. We pay attention to every detail of the machine to help you improve productivity, save energy and maximize economic benefits. In addition to standard industrial shredder and crushers, customized size reduction machines can also be offered according to your material shredding requirements. A variety of screens and rotors are selectable to achieve the best processing performance.


TWO-SHAFT-SHREDDER ERDWICH ZERKLEINERUNGS-SYSTEME GMBH Gewerbestrasse 6 | 86859 Igling | Tel.: +49(0) 81 91 / 96 52 ... H500/2-1550 110 kW H500-2-1500 160 kW H500/2-2000 75 kW H500/2-2000 110 kW H500/2-2000 160 kW Cutting unit lenght B mm 1.510 1.510 1.510 1.960 1.960 1.960

Two-Shaft Shredder M450/2 - ERDWICH Zerkleinerungs-Systeme

ERDWICH TWO-SHAFT-SHREDDER Advantages and special features: ERDWICH M450/2 Simple maintenance: High throughput – low drive power consumption: | Fast access to cutter shafts | Individually fitted, replaceable cutters, spacing rings and sweepers | Tightest-possible cutter spacing, ensuring energy-saving shredding without causing machine jams | Special sweeper systems with self-cleaning …


Dimension H500/2-1550 75 kW H500/2-1550 110 kW H500-2-1500 160 kW H500/2-2000 75 kW H500/2-2000 110 kW H500/2-2000 160 kW Cutting unit lenght B mm 1.510 1.510 1.510 1.960 1.960 1.960 Cutting unit width G mm 1.080 1.080 1.080 1.080 1.080 1.080 Cutting unit heigh A mm 620 620 620 620 620 620 Total lenght C mm 3.540 3.540 3.540 3.990 3.990 3.990

ERDWICH Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH 所有产品 …

Two-Shaft Shredder M250/2. 2 页. Two-Shaft Shredder H500/2 SD. 2 页. Two-Shaft Shredder H500/2. 2 ...

Tutti i cataloghi e le schede tecniche ERDWICH

Two-Shaft Shredder M250/2. 2 Pagine. Two-Shaft Shredder H500/2 SD. 2 Pagine. Two-Shaft Shredder H500/2. 2 Pagine. Single-Shaft Shredder M800/1. 2 Pagine. Ripper RM 1350. 6 Pagine. Metal Swarfs. 8 Pagine. LCD Processing. 6 Pagine. Image. 11 Pagine. Hammermill. 6 Pagine.

Single-Shaft Shredder M600/1 - ERDWICH Zerkleinerungs

ERDWICH SINGLE-SHAFT-SHREDDER Advantages and special features: ERDWICH M600/1 Simple maintenance: Moist material processing possible: | Individually fitted, replaceable cutter discs on the cutter rotor | With externally placed shaft bearings and integrated bulkhead seals, no milled product or liquid materials can enter the bearings.

Tous les catalogues et fiches techniques (PDF) …

Two-Shaft Shredder H500/2 SD. 2 Pages. Two-Shaft Shredder H500/2. 2 Pages. Single-Shaft Shredder M800/1. 2 Pages. Ripper RM 1350. 6 Pages. Metal Swarfs. 8 Pages. LCD Processing. 6 Pages. Image. 11 Pages. Hammermill. 6 Pages. ERDWICH TWO-SHAFT-RIPPER. 2 Pages. WEEE PROCESSING. 8 Pages. Hammer mill HA800. 2 Pages.

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As a waste recycling solutions provider, we can provide different styles of industrial shredders to suit client-side recycling demands on different materials. Clients can choose our shredders according to the structure and applications.

How to Get a Customized Solution?

Don't worry, we will help you design a one-stop solution, providing you with satisfactory service.


Shredding & Recycling Solution for Different Materials

Benefiting from deep technical strength and years of accumulated experience, GEP Ecotech optimizes the processing technology of different materials to help users improve production capacity, reduce costs, improve safety, and increase profitability.