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2019 ACI International Solid Waste Summit ended successfully!

With the country's policy overweight and comprehensive and refined environmental management, solid waste treatment has become one of the fastest growing industries in China's environmental protection industry, and has attracted the attention and favor of the capital market. In the next five years, the market will continue to grow in heat, and the demand for solid waste industry governance will be further released.

2019 ACI International Solid Waste Summit ended successfully! Jiepu innovation is not awkward

June 12-14, 2019, hosted by ACI Events, the 2019 ACI International Solid Waste Summit, jointly sponsored by the International Solid Waste Association and the Singapore Solid Waste Management and Recycling Association, was successfully concluded at the Shanghai New Development Asia Pacific Marriott Hotel. The summit aims to provide solid waste disposal companies with an open platform to understand the scientific research frontiers, technological developments, engineering cases and related policies in the field of solid waste disposal, and to provide opportunities to share and discuss relevant issues and experience exchanges, and to further promote the academic and government. Interaction and development with industry.

2019 ACI International Solid Waste Summit ended successfully! Jiepu innovation is not awkward

2019 The 2nd ACI International Solid Waste Summit mainly exchanged technology and experience on various sectors such as waste incineration power generation, hazardous waste treatment, industrial solid waste treatment, biomass/living waste cogeneration. At the same time, the summit also invited heavyweight enterprises and experts and scholars in the field of solid waste treatment at home and abroad to conduct industry policy interpretation, trend, technical analysis and practical case sharing and academic exchanges. Among them, the International Solid Waste Association, Shanghai Environment Group, Finnish BMH Technology Company, Everbright Environmental Protection, and Enlighten Sander were invited to make special reports to answer and exchange questions on solid waste disposal industry and promote the development of China's solid waste treatment industry. Further improve the level of solid waste treatment and comprehensive utilization.

2019 ACI International Solid Waste Summit ended successfully! Jiepu innovation is not awkward

In order to grasp the development opportunities in the “new normal” of the solid waste treatment field and understand the new dynamics and new technologies of the industrial market, Jiepu Intelligent Environmental Protection was invited to participate in the summit, sharing with experts and senior executives from the solid waste treatment field. A sustainable series of solid waste disposal solutions. At the 2nd Solid Waste Summit, Jiepu Intelligent Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. and the GV series of floor-type hazardous waste crushing system were unveiled, highlighting the existing technical achievements of Jiepu and conveying Jiepu's intelligent environmental protection “shared green technology”. "The brand concept."

As a leader in advocating sustainable development, Jiepu Intelligent Environmental Protection has been committed to the recycling of solid waste, and combined with the practical experience of domestic and foreign projects, innovative design of a series of solid waste disposal solutions. For different types of solid waste, we have launched a complete supporting solid waste disposal system, and proceed from the actual situation to effectively solve the solid waste disposal problem. Jiepu's main business has three sectors: intelligent solid waste crushing system, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust reduction system. The main systems of intelligent solid waste crushing system include: domestic garbage / bulky garbage disposal system, kitchen waste disposal system, resource recycling system (waste tires / electronic waste / waste plastics), hazardous waste disposal. In addition, in the market competition of core businesses such as intelligent monitoring, intelligent broken resource recycling, and intelligent dust reduction, the market has great potential with unique advantages.

At present, GEP ECOTECH intelligent environmental solid waste, hazardous waste disposal business is in a period of vigorous development, cooperation projects are everywhere. Invited to participate in the Solid Waste Summit, GEP ECOTECH Intelligent Environmental Protection not only has a deeper understanding of the relevant policies in the field of solid waste treatment, but also carries out new processes, new technologies, new equipment and new management modes for solid waste plates at home and abroad. The exchange of learning has further opened up the vision and development ideas, and has further clarified the company's undeveloped development direction, which is conducive to the company's future development of better, faster and stronger.

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