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A municipal solid waste classification battle has starred in Guangdong Province

Recently, the State Government Offices Administration of the Ministry of housing and urban construction and other five departments jointly issued announcement, it required that before the end of 2017, the central and state organizations and the provinces and municipalities authority to take the lead in realizing of mandatory domestic waste classification. By the end of 2020, municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capital cities, cities and municipalities, urban and rural areas and other departments to determine the classification of municipal solid waste classification of urban areas within the public institutions to achieve the mandatory classification of domestic waste; other public institutions to local conditions do well in waste classification work. Through the waste reduction, recycling and harmless, the problem of "garbage besieged city" will be solved.

A municipal solid waste classification battle has starred in Guangdong Province

Shenzhen is facing the problem of the trial of waste classification

As early as 2000, a number of pilot cities began to carry out domestic waste classification, but progress was slow. At present, Shenzhen has initially established harmful waste, large pieces of garbage, waste fabrics, green waste, fruits and vegetables garbage and food waste and other garbage classification system. However, due to inadequate allocation of facilities and back-end processing, garbage disposal policy has been difficult landing. To this end, the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen pointed out that, in order to make the city's garbage classification implemented truly, we must change the mode form encourage to full force, first to regulatory authorities, enterprises, and then cover all the public.

In fact, in April this year, Implementation plan of municipal solid waste classification system in China officially released it has asked, by the end of 2020, China will advance to implement domestic waste classification in mandatory in 46 cities, and then the recycling rate in China should be reached more than 35%.

Adhere to the government leading and market-oriented operation

Provincial housing and Urban Construction Department official said, Guangzhou's major principle is “to encourage the main, supplemented by force, from easy to difficult, step by step, improve the mechanism, and jointly promote". The city's urban area within the scope of the party and government organizations, schools, railway stations, airports and other public institutions, star hotels, large farmers market, large shopping malls and large state-owned enterprises and other enterprises, construction, landscaping, textile, leather, food and other industries, has been listed in the group of mandatory waste classification, later to expand all other public institutions and most enterprises year by year.

Promote the waste classification will adhere to the principle of government leading and market-oriented operation, create a good situation of social cohabitation, and call on the whole society to participate in.

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