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Biomass fuel shredder for crop straw shredding

As a renewable resource, biomass straw energy plays an important role in many biomass cogeneration. However, due to the special nature of biomass transportation, as well as the use of biomass bales to meet the needs of biomass transportation. When a large number of baled straws are transported to the power plant, they need to be pretreated first. At this time, our biomass straw disposal equipment is used. GEP ECOTECH will introduce it to you.

Firstly, considering the particularity of the materials, we choose the double-shaft shredder, which is driven by the motor and reducer. The working principle of low speed and high torque is very suitable for the crushing of the whole bale of biomass straw materials. Secondly, the opposite cutting of the equipment cutter can cut the whole bale of biomass straw materials into smaller particle size, so as to ensure that the rear end of the incineration plant can enter the furnace fully burn.

Biomass fuel shredder for crop straw shredding

GEP Ecotech biomass fuel shredder is a new generation of equipment specialized in biomass disposal. It has gradually replaced and eliminated the previous disc crusher. Compared with the disc crusher, the output capacity of GEP biomass shredder is larger, it can be 2-4 time larger than the disc crushing machines, and it is more economical, low power consumption greatly reduces the biomass fuel production cost; In addition, compared with the disc crusher, our biomass shredder is more in line with the environmental standards of production.

If you are looking for a biomass fuel shredder or considering replacing the old type shredder, you can choose GEP biomass shredder. Please contact us, we will give you more professional reply in time.

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