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Bulky waste disposal flow introduction

Urban domestic waste is divided into six categories: recyclable, bulky, compostable, combustible, hazardous, and other wastes. At present, mechanized integrated disposal equipment is used in the treatment process of bulky waste. At present, there are so many bulky waste disposal equipment suppliers, so find a good equipment manufacturer to supply bulky waste disposal production line becomes an important link in the waste disposal industry.

Bulky waste disposal flow introduction

Most of the disposal of bulky waste are mechanically or manually put waste on the transport equipment, through the feeding conveyor, conveying the bulky waste to the shredder, the double shaft shredder by the shear working principle combined with tearing and crushing will break the large materials into small pieces and drop them on the discharge conveyor, there is an magnetic separator installed on the output conveyor to separate the metal materials, and then the finished products fall to the designated place.

In the recycling and disposal process of bulky waste, the waste metal is the material with high utilization value and large recovery ratio, including nonferrous metal scrap steel, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and other common metals.

The waste wood in bulky waste can be used as fuel or the materials of recycled furniture. According to the different regions in each region, the market price is also different. If you want to know more about the bulky waste disposal equipment please just contact us!

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