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Bulky waste disposal system is sent to Lhasa to assist the terminal disposal of solid waste in plateau area!

On July 29, GEP Ecotech bulky waste disposal system completed the workshop commissioning and officially set off for Lhasa. The official implementation of the project further demonstrates the strong strength of GEP Ecotech in the field of large waste disposal, and also reflects the market's trust and recognition of GEP brand.


Lhasa, nearly 4000 meters above sea level with low temperature. With the rapid development of Tibet's economy and society, all kinds of solid waste are increasing day by day, and the composition is becoming more and more complex. Lhasa vigorously implements the strategy of "establishing the city by environment", focusing on maintaining and continuously improving the environmental quality and solving prominent environmental problems. It takes various measures to promote the battle of pollution prevention and control, so as to create an ecological environment in which the sky is blue, the earth is green and the water is clear, and man and nature coexist harmoniously. The large waste disposal system delivered this time will effectively solve the problem of large garbage disposal in Lhasa, and lay a solid foundation for Lhasa to do a good job in ecological and environmental protection.


In view of the characteristics of high altitude, low pressure and high cold in Tibet, GEP has adjusted its product line intelligently and adaptively, fully carried out project research, solved the problem of equipment adaptation in high altitude areas, formulated reasonable solutions, and ensured the stable operation of the equipment in high cold and low temperature environment.

GEP intelligent bulky waste disposal production line mainly adopts the process of "crushing + sorting + compression and volume reduction", which transforms the large waste into reusable resources after crushing, reducing and sorting. The production line is composed of conveying system, crushing system, magnetic separation system, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust control system, which can turn large waste into treasure, improve the recovery rate, and truly realize the reduction, recycling and harmless disposal of bulky waste.

To ensure the delivery of goods, make sufficient preparations, GEP team formulated the detailed delivery plan in advance, deploy various work and coordination personnel, reasonably dispatch delivery vehicles, and ensure the timeliness of equipment delivery.


In order to ensure that the project can be implemented as soon as possible and put into operation as soon as possible, the after-sales engineer of GEP has set out ahead of time and arrived at the equipment installation site to do a good job in installation guidance and technical training, which once again shows the speed and service quality. GEP will continue to provide after-sales service and provide 7x24 hours online intelligent service to ensure the efficient operation of the project. Make great efforts to build Lhasa large waste disposal project into a plateau benchmarking project to make the plateau more beautiful!


After the first intelligent bulky waste disposal project in Tibet is officially put into operation, it will become an effective carrier for Lhasa to build a waste free city and circular economy, and help Lhasa build an ecological and civilized city.

As a high-tech enterprise taking resource recycling as its own responsibility, GEP intelligent environmental protection will shoulder the obligations and responsibilities, always regard innovation and development and social responsibility as the first driving force, give full play to the advantages of resources, technology and talents, fully promote scientific and technological innovation, market innovation and product innovation, and lead the innovative development of intelligent solid waste disposal equipment manufacturing.

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