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Bulky waste shredder production line sent to Fujian, China

On December 8th, after a series of quality inspection procedures such as shipment inspection, the equipment of GEP's bulky waste disposal system was officially loaded and shipped to Fujian, China. The whole system is used for crushing, volume reduction and sorting of bulky wastes. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high treatment efficiency, low energy consumption, wide application range, energy saving and environmental protection.

GEP bulky waste disposal system sent to Fujian, China

Bulky waste such as old sofas, old mattresses, and old wardrobes have become a difficult and painful point for garbage classification and urban management due to low recycling value, high transportation costs, and inconvenient dismantling on site. In order to improve the capacity of waste sorting and processing and make up for the lack of public services, the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian Province opened a tender for the introduction of bulky waste disposal equipment to make up for the shortcomings of bulky waste back-end processing.

GEP bulky waste disposal system sent to Fujian, China

With its outstanding performance, strong technical strength and good market reputation, GEP ECOTECH stood out from many competitors and successfully won the bid for the bulky waste disposal project in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian Province. For this project, GEP ECOTECH provides complete equipment supply, installation, commissioning and technical training services to help realize waste sorting, resource recycling, and effective waste disposal.

The bulky waste disposal system equipment shipped this time was successfully manufactured and delivered on schedule in only one month. Even if the production tasks are heavy and the delivery time is tight, GEP ECOTECH always adheres to the "customer first" service concept and delivers high-quality products to customers on time. In the follow-up, GEP engineers will provide customers with professional and comprehensive after-sales service throughout the entire process to ensure the stable and efficient progress of the project.

GEP bulky waste disposal system sent to Fujian, China

GEP bulky waste disposal system sent to Fujian, China

The GEP bulky waste disposal system is mainly composed of a metal chain conveyor, a double-shaft shear shredder, an iron remover, a dust reduction system, an intelligent control system, etc., which turns bulky waste into treasure and improves the recycling rate. The system not only solves the work that cannot be done manually, greatly improves the disposal efficiency, but also effectively reduces the hidden safety hazards during manual dismantling, so that the bulky garbage "makes the best use of", and truly realizes the reduction, resource utilization and harmless disposal of bulky waste.

GEP bulky waste disposal system sent to Fujian, China

After the project is officially put into operation, the bulky waste will be crushed and sorted to make it more able to meet the requirements of subsequent treatment processes and add green power to the comprehensive promotion of high-quality development in the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian Province.

In the next step, GEP ECOTECH will give full play to its professional advantages, adhering to the concept of innovative development, with advanced products and strong scientific research capabilities, and strive to build the bulky waste disposal project into a boutique benchmark project with excellent ecological, social and economic benefits.

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