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Cardboard shredder for sale in Europe

During our daily life and industry production, there are many cardboard waste are produced everyday, as cardboard is the most common packing material, cardboard make our life more convenient, but the huge cardboard is a waste to nature resources, if we can recycle the cardboard waste, it will reduce the nature resources. During the cardboard recycling, cardboard shredder is the most common used machine.

There are two kinds of cardboard shredder is suitable for recycling the cardboard, one is double shaft shredder, double shaft shredder can shred the baled cardboard or scattered cardboard into strips size, then with this strips cardboard, it can be used for the further disposal.

double shaft shredder

Another common used shredder is single shaft shredder, single shaft shredder only have one shaft, it is often used as fine shredder, it can shred the cardboard into fine size, about 30mm, in this size, the shredded cardboard can be used as final products or for further use.

Cardboard shredder is very necessary during cardboard recycling, if you also want to know more information about cardboard shredder for sale in Europe, please feel free to contact with use, we can provide suitable solution.

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