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Chengdu bulk waste disposal project passed the acceptance at one-time

On December 4th, Chengdu bulky waste disposal project passed the acceptance at one-time, which is marking the official launch of GEP Intelligent bulky waste system. This project is laying the foundation for the reduction, harmless and resource-based disposal of Chengdu bulky waste.

As one of the 46 key cities of domestic waste sorting in China, Chengdu takes the lead in implementing the mandatory sorting of domestic waste. Chengdu focus on solving the hot issues of people’s livelihood and its urban management is becoming increasingly refined, and accelerating the construction of bulky waste is an important content. At present, Chengdu is gradually building 13 renewable resources sorting center, laying out bulky waste intelligent recycling and shredding disposal production lines and promoting the recycling and utilization of bulky waste.

Chengdu bulk waste disposal project passed the acceptance at one-time.

Lead by technology and build bulky waste disposal sample project

GEP intelligent bulky waste disposal production line mainly adopts the processing of shredding and sorting to transform bulky waste into reusable resources after shredding, reducing and sorting. This line consists of conveyor system, shredding system, magnetic separation system, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust suppression system, which can turn bulky waste into treasure, improve the recycling rates, truly realize reduction, recycling and harmless disposal of bulky waste in Chengdu.

In the whole process of bulky waste disposal, operators conduct real-time monitoring on each link and master the operation status in time by GI intelligent monitoring system.The system also has the function of early warning, which is convenient for early detection, early troubleshooting and reducing failure rate.

Chengdu bulk waste disposal project passed the acceptance at one-time.

Strict control, passed the acceptance at one-time

Since this project cooperation, GEP has been adhering to safety is basement and quality priority principle, controlling the equipment quality strictly, paying attention to the details of equipment installation and technical control. GEP has made continuous efforts to improve product life cycle service management and create excellent project.

After all the equipment arrived at the project site, GEP dispatched professionals for equipment installation and commissioning at the first time. Less than one week, GEP completed the the installation and commissioning of whole project, passed the acceptance at one-time.

Chengdu bulk waste disposal project passed the acceptance at one-time.

During the acceptance, the owner inspected all the equipment, conducted professional evaluation from the equipment appearance, commissioning and operating. After a series of inspection and evaluation, inspectors agreed that the equipment was qualified, in good running state, complied with industry-standard. They agreed to pass the acceptance and gave a high evaluation and recognition to GEP service.

This line adopts intelligent and mechanized assembly line work. It can shred and process a waste sofa in tens of seconds, shred 20-40 cubic meters of bulky waste per hour. Bulky waste reduction after shredding can not only reduce pollution and beautify the city, but also can be renewable resources. At the same time, it can also greatly eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by discarding bulky waste at will , which is serve multiple purposes.

Next, GEP will summarize the project construction experience deeply, continue to improve our service standard system in accordance with the principle of aggressive investigate, step-by-step, continuous improvement. GEP will strive to create more national demonstration project of bulky waste disposal.

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