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Detailes determine quality, responsibility achieves brand

The recent series of policy combinations in the Ministry of ecology set off a "storm of solid waste pollution control", to curb the illegal transfering and dumping of solid waste, and to further strengthen the supervision of the whole process of hazardous waste. The prevention and control of solid waste pollution is expected to be the focus of environmental protection work in the next stage. The industry of solid waste and hazardous waste is gradually developing rapid, and the intelligent solid waste shredding equipment has gradually entered the vision of the public.

No Details, No Quality; No Responsibility, No Reputation

GEP ECOTECH CO., LTD is an entity enterprise taken the technological innovation and social responsibility as the driving force. Based on the technical support from North America GEPTECH and two domestic R&D centers, GEP ECOTECH focuses on intelligent environmental protection technology and research, development, production, sales and service of solid waste recycling and shredding equipments and provides one-stop service. At present, the core business scope of the company covers three major sectors, such as intelligent solid waste shredding equipment, intelligent monitoring system, and intelligent dust reduction system. The leading products include GDS series double shaft shearing type shredder, GSS series single shaft fine shredder, GDF series double shaft shredder and so on, which should be used for domestic waste incineration. Cement kiln collaborative pretreatment, hazardous waste pretreatment and other solid waste shredding and resource regeneration.

The cutter is one of the most important parts on the shredder. The quality of the cutter directly affects the time of the equipment for the processing of the solid waste material. Therefore, the selection of the material of the cutter in the shredder is very important. The high quality cutter can guarantee the high efficiency production of the shredder in the later operation. GEP intelligent solid waste shredding equipment adopts imported raw materials from Europe, with long service life and good interchangeability. When working, the cutter is directly contacted with the material, so the wear is serious. Therefore, the wear resistance of the cutter needs to be very high. The main parts of GEP's intelligent solid waste shredding equipment are the best material using high quality high resistance gold steel, and the key parts are directly used with high quality alloy forged parts, and the chemical composition is stable. The intelligent solid waste shredding equipment has multiple knif hooks for each knife. It not only has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and impact resistance, but also has the quality assurance of the professional manufacturers. It is widely accepted by the market.

In addition, the cutter of GEP intelligent shredder are heat treated by advanced heat treatment equipment, and then processed by high-precision machine. The heat treatment process gives full play to the effect of all kinds of alloy elements in the raw material of the cutter, so that the performance of the alloy steel has been improved , so that the cutter is durable. Due to the wide variety of solid waste, various types of cutter for solid waste shredding equipment are also different. Of course, only the cutter is suitable for shredding material, the characteristics can be the best. GEP can provide customers with personalized service, according to the use and working environment of the customers, selecting the most suitable cutter materials for the customer's cutters and adopting the corresponding heat treatment process to ensure the maximum performance of the cutter performance. At the same time, each fixed knife can be detachable and installed independently, and it can be disassembled quickly in a short time, which greatly reduces the workload of workers and effectively improves the continuity of production.

GEP has always adhered to the development concept of "focusing on customers and sharing green technology", serving each customer with a sincere attitude, providing professional solid waste shredding solutions for customers, and working hard to become the most reliable manufacturer of high-end intelligent shredding equipment.

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