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Developing enterprise culture and enhancing team spirit——GEP ECOTECH Mountain-climbing Activity

Lead: in order to fostering team spirit, improving the employees’ individual quality, enhancing communication among members and increasing team cohesion, our company organized a mountain-climbing activity with the theme of Developing Enterprise Culture and Enhancing Team Spirit on Sunday, September 24th, 2017.

Sunday morning, September 24th, though it was sprinkling, but our climbers were enthusiastic with good spirits. In the spirit of green travel, we walked four kilometers instead of taking bus from the entrance of the scenic area to the foot of the mountain.


After more than one hour rough ride, we reached the foot of the mountain Yao. We took some food and had a rest; enhancing team morale, we started to climb the mountain Yao.


In the process of climbing, we were all in high and vigorous spirits, carrying GEP ECOTECH enterprise flag marching toward the top of the mountain. We went from Windward Tree to the Jiuqu waterfall; and then we climbed a long stone stairs reached Tongtianmen. Though we were tired and sprinkling, but we encouraged each other with spirit ambition never dies, walking hand in hand from General Valley to Yuhuang Peak. Along this route, we had a visit of these scenic spots like Yinxian Waterfall, Stone Plate River, General Bridge, Rhino Peak and etc.


The rain and sweat on the face could not stop our excited mood. In the sound of fighting, we encouraged each other, supported each other and helped each other, fully carried forward the spirit of unity, struggling and fearlessness of danger and difficulty. None of us gave up. Our boss led us to climb the mountain bravely in the rain. Cheers and laughter echoed through the wind; and the tension and pressure of work were released during our trip.

After four and an half hours, we all arrived in the mountain peak. Looking around from the top of the mountain with the wind blowing, we could feel all mountains in a single glance. And we get a panoramic view of all gorgeous scenes. The whole mountain was covered by green trees. The layers of trees seem to have been dyed the same color. It looked very charming in the rain. The height of the mountain peak is 2,153.1 meters. Compare with Mount Everest, it is a small hill. But it has its own beauty. The world’s mountain peak is far away; and only few of people could climb it. But Mountain Yao is available to climb it. No matter the Mount Everest or the small hills like Mountain Yao, as long as we reached the peak, it is a remarkable success.


This mountain climbing activity was a contest of physical strength and endurance. On the way up the mountain, all the members of GEP ECOTECH carried forward the spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work, solidarity and cooperation, making efforts and bravely challenging a new height. This activity not only made us having a sense of successful for climbing the mountain, but also demonstrated that GEP ECOTECH is a high-quality united and enterprising team.

In this mountain climbing activity, our members of GEP ECOTECH not only exercised our bodies and tempered our will, but also cultivated our temperament. It also enriched our spare time life, offering a chance for us to chatting and communication. After that, the atmosphere of loving sports and health concern is more strongly between us. At the same time, it nurtured a harmonious and upward corporate culture, enhanced team cohesion, cultivated an ultra understanding between employees and promoted our sense of cooperation. So that inspired us to make greater sacrifice for the company with full of enthusiasm, good mental state and solid working style. In this atmosphere, I believe, GEP ECOTECH surely will have a bright future.

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