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Domestic garbage shredder breaks through the bottleneck of urban waste classification

Recently, the "Pilot Work Plan for the Construction of "No Waste City"" issued by the General Office of the State Council has brought a small disturbance to the cement industry. The plan proposes that 10 cities around the country will be selected as a pilot project for “no-waste cities”, and an integrated management system and technical system for establishing “no-waste cities” will be established by 2020 to form a batch of replicable and Promote the demonstration model of “no waste city” construction.

The two main points of building a “no-waste city” are open source and throttling. The so-called throttling, that is, reducing the discharge of waste, promote the reduction of solid waste at the source; and open source, including the resource utilization and harmless treatment of solid waste. “No Waste City” is guided by the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. By promoting the formation of green development methods and lifestyles, we will continue to promote the reduction and resource utilization of solid waste sources and minimize landfill. Volume, the urban development model that minimizes the environmental impact of solid waste.

"No waste city" is coming! Domestic garbage shredder breaks through the bottleneck of urban waste classification

One of the important reasons for promoting the construction of “no waste city” is that the problem of garbage, especially domestic garbage, is becoming more and more serious, and it has become a major problem of environmental pollution. Although in the public view, the recycling and recycling of plastic waste has formed a mature system, there are practical operations or excessive technical costs, or small workshops, or immature process capacity, and Reprocessing secondary pollution and other issues is far from meeting the important requirements of “continuously improving the level of urban solid waste reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness” in the construction of “no waste city”.

How to treat and reuse solid combustible wastes that are extremely mixed in the current environment is the most important issue in the construction of “no waste cities”. Through the independent research and development of formulas and equipment, Jiepu Intelligent Environmental Protection realizes the upgrading of new waste materials into new resources of renewable resources, and solves the problem of effective treatment and reuse of combustible wastes mainly based on domestic garbage, which is “no waste city”. Construction provides an effective solution.

The domestic garbage shredder is a machine for crushing domestic garbage, and is one of the necessary processes for waste disposal. It is an important part of implementing waste disposal and recycling. Jiepu Domestic Garbage Shredding Equipment is a multi-functional domestic garbage crusher designed to break the characteristics of domestic garbage. It introduces advanced technology from North America and combines years of practical experience of R&D team.

"No waste city" is coming! Domestic garbage shredder breaks through the bottleneck of urban waste classification

Garbage classification is a process of dynamic improvement and continuous improvement. It focuses on the participation of the whole people in the habit of cultivation, and must be pragmatic and gradual. “No waste city” has a relationship with each of us. Everyone produces garbage as little as possible. After the garbage is produced, it is classified as required, which is really contributing to the construction of “no waste city”.

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