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Domestic waste shredder manufacturer introduces equipment treatment process

As one of the indispensable front-end equipment for domestic waste treatment, the importance of domestic waste shredder has become increasingly prominent, and the market demand shows a blowout trend. At present, many domestic waste treatment projects have introduced domestic waste crushers to promote the recycling of domestic waste and realize the organic integration of economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits.

Domestic waste shredder manufacturer introduces equipment treatment process

At present, with the deepening of the battle of pollution prevention and control, the new normal of waste compulsory classification will be brought, and the market demand for domestic waste treatment will continue to break out on the original basis. With the rapid development of domestic treatment industry, GEP ECOTECH provides comprehensive domestic waste crushing solutions and targeted domestic waste shredder products for pretreatment before domestic waste incineration and domestic waste recycling. GEP ECOTECHdomestic waste crusher will, as always, be committed to breaking the bottleneck of domestic waste treatment.

Domestic waste shredder is suitable for: waste plastic, waste plastic water bottle, furniture, carpet and mattress, industrial waste, waste wood, stump and root, plastic and metal bucket, refrigerator, tire and big bag, hazardous waste, big roll of plastic and paper, big bag of plastic, paper and waste, etc.

The material treated by the srhedder is suitable for the pretreatment process of domestic waste gasification, comprehensive treatment, incineration, anaerobic fermentation and composting.

At present, countries all over the world pay more attention to the recycling of municipal solid waste treatment while striving to realize the harmless and reduction of municipal solid waste treatment. The significance of waste recycling is to recycle the useful materials and bear amount, and at the same time, make the useless part harmless and reduce. In the 21st century when the harmless, industrialization and resource utilization of garbage are about to rise, we will industrialize the new technologies related to garbage treatment, and devote ourselves to the development and production of advanced domestic garbage crushers for the benefit of mankind!

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