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Domestic Waste Shredder Model

In our daily life, it will inevitably produce domestic waste. In the recycling and treatment of these wastes, we need domestic waste crusher equipment. Now I will introduce some model of shredder.

Domestic waste shredder model

  • GW series mobile solid waste station

GW shredder is based on advanced shredding technology. It integrates mobile chassis, feeding, shredding, transporting, magnetic separator and other process equipment. Its design concept is to fully consider various material crushing, eliminate the impact of crushing site, environment, foundation, disposal capacity, power and other factors on production, and provides customers with mobile and simple operation.

  • GD series double-shaft shearing shredder

GD shredder is based on the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to crush materials. GD shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, large shearing force, good tearing effect, low noise and good stability.

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Shredding & Recycling Solution for Different Materials

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