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Double shaft shredder is a good choice as biomass shredder

Biomass as a nature crop waste have many other use actually, and as the amount of biomass is very big, the biomass recycling has big market. At present, biomass energy accounts for 14% of the world's main energy consumption, is the fourth largest energy source after fossil energy coal, oil and gas, and is the only energy resource that can provide three forms of fuel, gas, liquid and solid.

biomass material

And besides use for power generation is also have many other usage. During the biomass recycling, the first step is shred to biomass to small size, about 100mm size, then delivered to the boiler. In the early years, Integrated crusher and disc crusher are widely used as biomass shredder, but there are many disadvantages of the integrated crusher and disc crusher, the power consumption is high, spare parts consumption is more and with big environment pollution problem because there are many dust during the production.

GEP Ecotech researched for several years and developed double shaft shredder is a very good choice as biomass shredder, based on the biomass features, we specially design the double shaft structure to make the double shaft shredder is more suitable for biomass shredding.

biomass shredder

The double shaft shredder can achieve very big capacity for one set, which can ensure the power station continuously operation. And the power consumption is lower than the integrated crusher and disc crusher, so the operation cost is reduced. Also the double shaft shredder with strong structure, with few fault.

We have provided many double shaft shredder to the power station to shred the biomass, the customers comments that double shaft shredder is very good choice as a biomass shredder.

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