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Double shaft shredder is a good choice in biomass shredding

Usually biomass shredder is needed in paper production line. At present, there are three types of biomass shredderin the market. They are disc crusher, comprehensive crusher and shearing type shredder. So how do we choose a suitable product for these three kinds of crusher? Let's analyze how to choose the appropriate biomass shredder for straw shredding in paper production line.

biomass production line

The first one is disc crusher, the earliest equipment for crushing biomass materials,is mainly aimed at the design of corn straw. The existing problems are low capacity, fast replacement frequency ofspare parts, high energy consumption, large amount of dust, and corn straw is not a good raw material for papermaking.

Comprehensive crusher, comprehensive crusher is introducedfromforeign technology, specially designed for branch, trunk broken, also known as chipper, can cut the whole branch, trunk into small pieces, used for composting or block pressing, but broken into bundles of straw or straw straw are not effective, must be unpacked, crushing efficiency is low.

Shearing type shredder, shearingshredder is mainly used to break biomass straw in agriculture and forestry in recent two years. It can also be used to break branches, trunks, roots and other materials. The crushing effect is very good, especially suitable for the crushing of straw used inpaperproduction line.

double shaft shredder

Therefore, it is found from the analysis that the double shaft shredderis a suitable choice for the existing raw material crushing in the paper production line, whether from the characteristics of the raw material itself or from the effect of disposal. GEP Ecotech is a professional double shaft shredder manufacturer, is a trusted standardized large-scale manufacturer.

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