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Double shaft shredder is one of the indispensable pre-treatment equipment in waste disposal

With the development of national industrial process, environmental pollution caused by garbage has become a problem that people have to solve. Waste resource utilization is to achieve the purpose of waste volume reduction and resource recycling, and realize the harmonious coexistence between human and nature. As one of the indispensable front-end equipment for waste treatment, the importance of double shaft shear crusher is increasingly prominent, and the market demand presents a blowout situation. At present, many municipal waste treatment projects in China have introduced double shaft shredder to promote the recycling of waste resources and realize the organic integration of economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits.

Double shaft shredder is one of the indispensable pre-treatment equipment in waste disposal

The double shaft shredder can cut medical waste into small pieces. This kind of equipment needs experienced staff to operate and maintain. The double shaft shredder is an industrial equipment with rotating cutters. Some of these devices are built-in closed chemical or thermal disinfection systems. If there is a large amount of needles and syringes in the medical waste, the metals and plastics that facilitate the recovery of needles and syringes and the regeneration of the products should be broken.

There are many materials that can be broken by double shaft shredder. For example: refrigerators, washing machines, 210 liter oil barrels, colored steel tiles, bicycles, sofas, etc. have improved the tearing force. In addition, the overload protection of the equipment also increases the security of the equipment itself and operation. Garbage crusher can also be used to deal with the garbage with water, such as vegetable leaves with water, packaging bags, glass bottles, cans and other waste impurities, the crushing effect of this equipment is very good.

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