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Drum shredder price in Philippines

In industry production, many material will be packed by drum, for example gasoline, paint, and other material, some should be packed in plastic drum, some material should be packed in metal drum, so when the materials are used, the drums are throwed as waste, these drums should be disposed properly as the drums not only take large land but also pollute environment, and if the drum packed hazardous waste, the drum will also is dangerous for human health.

Gep Ecotech designed double shaftshredder to dispose the drum, no matter steel drum or plastic drum, Gep double shaft shredder can have good performance. The drum shredder can shred the drum into small pieces, after shredding, the drum volume is reduced, it will be more easy for the further disposal or transportation.

drum shredder

The drum shredder price is determined by many aspects, for example the drum volume, big drum or small drum; the drum material, steel drum or plastic drum; The demanded final product size, for example 100mm or 50mm; the capacity per hour is need, for example 100 pieces drums per hour or 50 pieces drums, the recommended drum shredder will be in different specification if the demand is different.

If you want to know more about drum shredder performance or drum shredder price, please feel free to contact with us, we can design suitable solution based in every customer’s demand.

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