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Entering the large-scale garbage disposal site of the full-circulation intelligent classification ecological operation project

A large amount of large-scale garbage is generated during the renovation of houses, relocations, and residential waste furniture. Residents do not know how to deal with them and discard them at will, and the large amount of unmanned garbage placed in public areas is increasing. As an important part of urban waste, the large amount of domestic garbage discarded has become a major “pain point” affecting community environmental sanitation.

In order to solve the problem of end-of-dust disposal, the Northwest District officially invested in the construction of a smart garbage sorting center. The project covers an area of ​​more than 30 acres, the amount of organic waste designed and disposed is 20 tons per day, 200 tons of renewable resources are disposed of daily, and 50 tons of large-scale garbage is disposed of daily. The project mainly includes: hazardous waste temporary storage center, renewable resource sorting center, perishable garbage disposal center, large-scale garbage dismantling center, fertilizer storage center, intelligent operation management platform comprehensive supervision and dispatching center. At present, the project has been officially put into operation to achieve effective disposal of waste and recycling of resources.

Entering the large-scale garbage disposal site of the full-circulation intelligent classification ecological operation project

It is reported that the large-scale garbage disposal equipment purchased by the large-scale garbage dismantling center of the project is a large-scale garbage disposal production line designed by Jiepu intelligent environmental protection combined project, which is specially used for the crushing treatment of large-sized garbage and garden garbage. Through the organic combination of intelligent sanitation and centralized treatment, Jiepu Intelligent Environmental Protection successfully overcomes the problem of multiple large-scale garbage disposal, further improves the end processing capacity of the waste classification operation center in Northwest China, and reduces the amount of waste and resources. Chemical and harmless recycling provides a strong guarantee.

The first step in dealing with bulky garbage is centralized collection and transportation. The property management of each property community will be collected, concentrated and stacked, and then unified for transportation and disposal. Local residents only need to make an appointment by phone, or fill in the large-size garbage specifications, quantity, address and other information on the Internet to make an appointment for large-scale garbage collection and delivery services. The large-size garbage dismantling center receives the large-size garbage specification information submitted by the GI intelligent monitoring system, and realizes the seamless connection of information and data. The large-scale garbage dismantling center uses the cloud platform data collection and transportation system to formulate the collection and transportation plan, plan the transportation and transportation route and the treatment plan in advance, saving manpower and material resources, and achieving scientific management and transportation.

Efficient and intelligent disposal is a key step in bulky waste disposal. Jiepu intelligent large-size garbage production line consists of heavy chain conveyor, double-axis shear crusher, iron remover, dust reduction system and GI intelligent monitoring system. Large pieces of garbage and garden waste are placed on the chain conveyor and sent to the twin-shaft shear crusher for crushing. The crushing of large pieces of waste takes only a few minutes, and then the line is automatically magnetically selected and screened, split into two, one side is recyclable metal scrap, and the other side is fragmented rags, wood chips and rubber. The whole production line adopts Jiepu's patented GI intelligent detection system to realize intelligent detection, intelligent protection, intelligent maintenance, automatic weighing, pre-judgment of equipment failures, automatic alarm, effectively reducing the failure rate, improving production continuity and reducing Maintenance costs.

At present, the overall use effect of Jiepu intelligent large-size garbage disposal production line is good, and the mode of large-scale domestic garbage from receiving to disposal is becoming mature, and the problem of large-scale garbage disposal and disposal that has troubled the sanitation department for many years has been eliminated. The formal application of the large-scale garbage disposal production line has realized the intensive and resource-based treatment of large-scale garbage in the northwest region, and established a large-scale garbage disposal system for collection, transportation, treatment, sorting and recycling, which is helpful to improve the classification of municipal waste. The system reduces the storage capacity of garbage transfer and promotes the recycling of municipal waste.

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