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Establishing Resource Recycling System, the Electronic Waste Were Hopefully Be Used Again

The reason electronic waste has attracted worldwide attention is because a large number of electronic wastes have been generated in the whole world, showing rapid growth due to the upgrading of consumption structure and the updating of electronic products. The treatment of electronic waste is directly related to the health of the residents and affecting the quality of the environment. So, the government departments should be aware of electronic waste and taking measures to control the disorderly circulation of the electronic waste.


The experts said the electronic waste kept a sustainable growth based on the following two reasons. First, the upgrading of residents’ consumption level caused the demand for renewal; second, the widely application of new technology and new design making the new electric products with new fashion and functions.

The necessity of electric waste recycling and problems

Electric waste is a treasure in the wrong place, which can be the regenerated resources through scientific processing. Like the electric parts, chips and noble metal in cell phone, they all can be reused. The value of electric waste recycling and reuse is mainly reflected in two aspects. First one, the composition of electronic waste being complex and badly harmful to environment, reasonable dismantling of electronic waste is beneficial to environmental protection. Secondly, through recycling and reuse the electric waste, the demand for primary resources is reduced for energy saving and emission reduction and production cost reduction.

Professor Jinhui Li introduced there are 109 authorized electric waste recycling and treatment enterprises right now. While due to the dispersion of recycling channels, these electric waste recycling and treatment enterprises cannot be full load operation. The capacity of electric waste treatment cannot meet the market’s demand due to the following two reasons. First, the recycling system is not perfect to cause the recycling price on the low side. Second, the unauthorized companies recycled most of the electric waste.

To establish a sound recycling system

The experts said we haven’t established the sound low value regenerated resource management system and lacking of corresponding laws and regulations to ensure the recycling of low value renewable resources, in addition, fewer specific laws and regulations on specific regenerated resources. So, we need to enhance the legislation for low value renewable resources.

The analysts agreed that based on the reality of the waste amount in different places, we should actively draw on the advanced experience of developed countries to establish the electric waste recycling system through legislation. And during the process of recycling system establishment, keeping pace with the times, we should encourage the authorized electric waste recycling and treatment enterprises to set up a professional recovery team, using Wechat, cell phone APP, internet and other platforms to increase publicity and encourage citizens to participate in recycling.

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