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Excessive Packaging for Dignity is Intolerable

When it is a festival, walking in the shopping mall, there are a wide range of goods and products. The sellers have put all kinds of beautiful gifts in conspicuous position, like cigarettes, wine, tea, moon-cake, health products and etc. The package is quiet beautiful and fineness. The sales war has begun.

While, flashy and over packaged products is everywhere. We suggest the reasonable and suitable package for the goods and products, which will increase the appearance of goods and be convenient to customers. But, if the package is over the necessity with lots of unnecessary consumption, it is worthless.

Almost all the flashy and over pack is useless and unnecessary. Finally, it will be thrown out as the rubbish. That’s a huge waste of the nature resources; in addition, it pollutes the environment. And more, the packaging sponge and plastic foam is hard to degrade, which brings big problem for garbage disposal. From now on, it is calculated that 1/3 of the municipal household waste is packaging waste. Packaging waste is 50% of the total solid waste.


Over the years, excessive packaging has been criticized; but why is still so popular? First, the sellers should be charge on this issue. The fineness appearance and gorgeous decoration is easier to catch the buyers’ eyes. The nice look seems making the products have better quality. The selling price will be increased. So, they can get more profit for it. That is business.

Then, our irrational consumption concept of having dignity during shopping is another reason. Generally, the ordinary people will not care about the package for family life. Most of the products package is used on gift packing. Most givers have the vanity that the good exterior of the gift can bring a good reputation for him. What he cares is about what the gift can bring for him not the quality of the gift itself. Loving dignity and vanity is a social universal phenomenon. As long as it exists, the excessive packaging will always have the market.

Excessive packaging has made some consumers blind to comparisons. And the sellers take this chance to upgrade the package making it worse and worse. The selling price of the well packed products is several times than usual. But the quality has not been upgraded accordingly. While, finally the customers have to pay for these.

Excessive packaging not only pollutes the environment, but also pollutes people’s hearts. So, rather than buying unnecessary dignity, it is better to establish a green and low carbon consumption concept and build a pure and healthy relationship. Change the existing consumption habits, the sellers and buyers should keep on doing their best efforts.

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