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Explanation of the pretreatment process of food waste

The pretreatment process of food waste generally includes sorting, crushing, squeezing and dehydrating. This is a very important step for the subsequent disposal of food waste. Let's take a closer look at the preprocessing process:

pretreatment process of food waste

Food waste should be collected by a dedicated food waste collection truck, and the collection process should be sealed to avoid leakage or odor pollution during transportation. The pretreatment workshop can be designed with negative pressure to avoid secondary pollution caused by transportation.

Food waste is sorted manually and mechanically, recyclable waste is recycled, and non-recyclable inorganic materials are landfilled or disposed of in other ways. The remaining organic food waste is crushed by the crusher and then enters the extrusion dehydrator. The dehydrator separates most of the liquid in the crushed food waste, the separated solid is mixed with the fermentation bacteria in a certain proportion, and the separated liquid is discharged into the municipal pipe network for subsequent treatment.

Food waste pretreatment equipment includes crushers, extrusion dehydrators, conveyors and fermentation machines.If you want to know more about the pretreatment process of food waste, please contact GEP ECOTECH for professional support!

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