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Fight the Novel Coronavirus: a letter from Gep Ecotech to Customers

Dear customer,

How are you?

The novel coronavirus epidemic has been raging since January 2020. In this special spring, the people of the whole country are doing their best to fight the epidemic and resolutely to win the fight.

Unite and Defeat COVID-19

At present, it is in the critical stage of national prevention and control of new coronavirus. Face the current severe epidemic situation, Gep Ecotech solemnly promises that under the premise of complying with the relevant national epidemic prevention and control requirements and ensure staff safety protection, GEP team hopes to be able to provide customers with timely, continuous and excellent service.So Gep Ecotech takes the following measures:

(1)Prevent and control the epidemic energetically, make every effort to ensure the staff health

Since the emergence of the epidemic situation, GEP Ecotech response energetically, set up the epidemic prevention and control team at the first time, set up staff health monitoring and emergency work mechanism, did staff prevention and control knowledge publicity and work area disinfection and other preparatory work according to epidemic prevention requirements; Staffs back to work strictly according to the government rules, daily temperature measurement and registration before go to the office to prevent the spread risk of the epidemic. GEP Ecotech epidemic prevention and control work leading group will maintain close attention to staff health and travel situation, and actively deploy epidemic prevention measures when staff back to work.

(2)Sufficient spare parts, strong machining capability to ensure customer delivery demand

At the end of 2019, GEP Ecotech made a production plan adjustment and made adequate stock preparation. GEP Ecotech can make the production arrangement in advance when face the prevention and control of epidemic situation, realize the sufficient production allocation in special period, ensure the orderly production after resuming work, deliver the goods on time, and provide the worry-free guarantee for the customer.

(3)Online work, GI intelligent system to provide timely service to customers

In the critical period of epidemic control, in order to cooperate with and support the epidemic control, GEP Ecotech adopts the online office work, all the staff keep the telephone,wechat online all day to provide timely service to customers. In addition, GEP Ecotech is about to launch the online visit system, customers can visit the factory anytime, anywhere online.

GI intelligent monitoring system developed independently by GEP Ecotech can realize remote diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, alarm and predictive maintenance of equipment faults, and protect the intelligent operation and maintenance of production line and environmental protection operation. Energy saving, safety environmental protection, control integration of solid waste shredding production line can be realized by only one and two people on-line control, which can reduce labor cost and minimize the flow of people.

If we are willing to work together,we will win! Thanks again the customer friends for long time trust and support to GEP Ecotech! Face the epidemic,GEP has been with you! Let's work together to win this battle.

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come. Sincerely wish you and your family in health and peace, would like to meet you when spring flowers bloom!

Gep Ecotech Co., ltd

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