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Focus on garbage sorting, improve garbage sorting and disposal capability

In recent years, garbage sorting has been the top priority of government work. At the two sessions this year, the work of "garbage sorting" has still attracted much attention. Garbage classification, in addition to do a good job of source classification, but also the terminal disposal, the real realization of "closed-loop operation, harmless treatment, resource utilization.

To speed up the construction of domestic waste classification facilities, it is necessary to rationally plan the layout of solid waste treatment facilities, accelerate the scientific and harmless disposal of municipal solid waste, and promote the implementation of classified disposal, collection, transportation and treatment of garbage, and promote the effective solution of the problem of "garbage besieged city"

One-stop garbage sorting center to get through the last kilometer of garbage disposal

As a high-tech enterprise with resource utilization as its own responsibility, GEP Ecotech is with rich experience in domestic waste disposal, took the lead in exploring the end disposal of garbage sorting, successfully built a complete set of solutions for one-stop garbage sorting center, and explored the feasible ways of waste reduction, innocuity and resource disposal, and made great efforts to promote the construction of green ecological development.

The one-stop garbage sorting center has a complete set of terminal treatment facilities with complete function, advanced technology, saving and high efficiency. The garbage can be classified and treated, so that the domestic waste, large garbage, kitchen waste and waste textile fabric have a good disposal way, and the garbage will be sorted well.

Strengthening the disposal capacity of waste terminals and promoting recycling of waste resources

The one-stop garbage sorting center adopts different garbage production lines, all kinds of garbage disposal equipment are scientifically combined, reasonably distributed, and the utilization rate of resources is high, which has good social, environmental and economic benefits, which is conducive to promote the daily production of garbage, meeting the environmental protection requirements of harmless treatment and resource utilization, and injecting new energy into the work of garbage classification and treatment.

Domestic waste

Domestic waste disposal system is a practical, reasonable and economical garbage front-end shredding, sorting pretreatment system. The system can effectively separate different kinds of domestic waste, different proportion and different size through sorting and shredding process, greatly improved the treatment efficiency of domestic waste, and promote the waste reduction, harmless and resource disposal.


The production line of bulky waste and garden garbage disposal is composed of transportation system, shredding system, magnetic separation system, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust control system. A waste mattress from "feeding - shredding - sorting - discharging ", the entire process takes only 15 seconds. Mechanical breakage replaces manual disassembly, greatly improved the working efficiency and working environment, and reduces the hidden danger of breaking and disassembling.

Kitchen waste

The kitchen waste disposal system adopts the process of "pre-treatment, coarse sorting, fine shredding, fine separation, press and resource disposal ". The process flow is short, the function is complete and the automation degree is high which can ensure the kitchen waste disposal harmless and resource disposal.

Waste textile

The waste textile disposal line is mainly composed of material conveying equipment, intelligent double shaft shredder and professional dust control device. According to the characteristics of cloth scrap, the core shredder adopts unique cutter shaft structure and anti-winding tool design, which can effectively prevent fabric winding and greatly improve the shredding efficiency of double shaft shredder.

GI intelligent monitoring system helps garbage intelligent disposal

By means of GI intelligent detection system, GEP one-stop garbage sorting center uses cloud computing, big data and Internet of things technology to establish and improve the supervision system of delivery, collection, transportation, transit and disposal, realize centralized equipment management, automation of fault service response, reduce equipment operation and maintenance management costs.

GI intelligent monitoring system is composed of intelligent data acquisition system, intelligent automatic control system and intelligent crushing system cloud service platform. It constructs a complete intelligent health monitoring system for the whole life cycle of high-end equipment, implements advanced state monitoring and fault diagnosis of high-end heavy equipment, and improves the production quality and operation safety of high-end heavy equipment.

From the collection and transportation to the disposal of domestic waste, the whole process of garbage disposal adopts advanced technology such as intelligent perception system and video surveillance and identification, so as to realize the full coverage of intelligent elements of system operation. Data information such as vehicle scheduling, garbage collection, equipment running status and so on are collected and uploaded in real time, and accurately displayed on the large screen controlled by the garbage sorting center. The staff can timely grasp the monitoring of garbage transportation, disposal and other situations only though regulatory cloud platform or App.

We are committed to building a one-stop garbage sorting center into a replicable and popularized model of garbage sorting, promoting the fine disposal of garbage sorting, further improving urban functions, improving the quality of human settlements, and opening a new chapter for recycling resources, improving ecological environment and sustainable urban development.

In the future, GEP Ecotech will continue to pursue excellence in quality and ingenuity, take scientific and technological innovation as the engine, strive to be the pioneer and demonstration of intelligent disposal of garbage, lead the new fashion of garbage classification, promote the comprehensive development of the classification of domestic waste, protect the green mountains and clear water.

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