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Food waste disposal


Large amount and wide use of resources, the disposal of food waste is with broad market prospects. In 2015, the amount of food waste produced in the country was about 91.1 million tons, and the average daily food waste was 250 thousand tons per day, 0.18kg per person per day. How to solve food waste with high oil, high salinity and high organic content has become a public concern.

Food waste introduction

Food waste is the main residual from catering companies, offices and schools and other public canteens and catering services department. The composition is complex, rice, oil, water, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, a mixture of various substances, bones and waste plastics, tableware, towels and others.

Its main characteristics are high water content 80-90%; high organic content, high fat, high salt content; perishable, easy fermentation, easy to stink; susceptible parasites, eggs and pathogenic microorganisms and fungal toxins and other harmful substances. Food waste can cause serious harm to the environment unless it is treated in a special way.

Direction of food waste disposal

Food waste reduction, resource utilization, harmless treatment is the main direction of development. In our country, the methods of food waste disposal are landfill, incineration, feed, composting, pyrolysis and anaerobic fermentation. Because of the high moisture content of food waste in our country, incineration and pyrolysis are not applicable.

There are three basic models for its resource utilization:

1. Composting: convert organic matter from food waste into organic fertilizer;

2. Feed: convert organic matter from food waste into organic feed;

3. Anaerobic fermentation: the organic matter in the food waste is converted into methane through anaerobic fermentation.

GEP Ecotech customer projects introduction

GEP Ecotech Jiangsu customer based on foreign technology, independent research and development of organic food waste slurry anaerobic treatment technology, no short flow reactor, with characteristics of high removal rate of organic matter, high gas production rate; the multi period of solid-liquid separation technology, oil recovery rate is high.

The first stage of the project was put into trial operation in December 2015, till February 28, 2017 it was with an average daily processing capacity of 150 tons, and the second stage of the food waste disposal system will be completed in 2019.

The design scale of the project is 240T/D (food waste 200 tons / day + edible oil 40 tons / day). It is the first food waste treatment project approved by the provincial administrative department;

The technology is in the leading stage in China, and the food residue is treated by "pretreatment + anaerobic digestion + methane power generation". The final products are mainly power and bio diesel.

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