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Garbage classification is gradually advanced, Jiepu helps garbage classification intelligent disposal

Garbage classification has an unprecedented degree of emphasis, high feasibility, and entered a new stage of development. As an inevitable move to promote green development, garbage classification has become an increasingly popular hotspot and a new fashion that leads green life.

Garbage classification is gradually advanced, Jiepu helps garbage classification intelligent disposal

With the accelerated reduction of front-end classification and the construction of terminal facilities, provinces and municipalities have completed the integrated treatment center for domestic waste classification, effectively improving the garbage disposal capacity, promoting the unified coordination of source reduction, whole-course classification and end-resource utilization, and accelerating the formation of classification. The whole chain closed loop of delivery, classified collection, classified transportation, and classified processing realizes the recycling, harmless and reduced disposal of domestic garbage.

End sorting disposal is the key to domestic waste reduction

The classification of residential waste is only the first step. The links of distribution, collection, transportation and disposal are interlocking and indispensable. While deepening the classification of the front-end, it is also necessary to strictly implement classified collection, transportation, and disposal for all types of garbage, improve recycling and utilization, and eliminate mixed transportation.

The disposal of waste sorting terminals is the key to achieve seamless and efficient connection of waste sorting, resource utilization and waste disposal, improve the utilization level of land resources and alleviate the pressure of ecological environment.

In addition, some cities and municipalities have adopted a combination of decentralized distribution and centralized disposal to improve the waste disposal capacity at the end, and to construct a series of terminal disposal facilities to enhance the utilization and reduction of domestic garbage in the region.

Jiepu intelligent environmental protection: comprehensive improvement of waste disposal capacity

Large waste disposal production line

The used mattress and furniture are lifted onto the conveyor belt to be crushed; after being crushed by the GD series double-shaft shearing crusher, the second step is taken - sorting, separating the metal from the cloth and the wood; After the picking is completed, the rubbish and wood and other garbage will be transported into the garbage truck by the conveyor belt. Metal trash will be placed separately for subsequent recycling. The large-scale garbage disposal project uses Jiepu's intelligent and environmentally-friendly large-scale automatic waste processing production line. Jiepu intelligent environmental protection combined with large-scale garbage characteristics, designed large-scale garbage automatic processing equipment, from transportation, crushing, sorting, discharging to the whole process of dust removal, GI intelligent monitoring, all automatic and intelligent.

Kitchen waste disposal production line

The kitchen waste collected by the closed collection vehicle is pushed into the Jiepu kitchen waste disposal production line through the conveyor belt. The kitchen waste is sieved and magnetically sorted by the grabbing material. Part of the garbage after sorting enters the kitchen waste crusher, and is crushed and squeezed before entering the high temperature fermentation tank. After a certain period of fermentation, the kitchen waste will transform the unstable organic matter in the kitchen waste into a more stable humus, forming an “organic fertilizer” nutrient soil and realizing garbage resources. The water in the garbage turns into water vapor in the high-temperature fermentation chamber, and the professional device is deodorized and discharged into the atmosphere.

GW series mobile solid waste crushing station

Based on advanced crushing technology in North America, Jiepu GW series mobile solid waste crushing station integrates process equipment such as mobile chassis, feeding, crushing, conveying and magnetic separation. It is an ideal equipment for dispersing garbage in the city and suburbs. The design concept fully considers the crushing requirements of various materials, eliminates the impact of crushing sites, environment, foundation, disposal volume, electricity and other factors on production, and provides customers with simple, efficient, stable and low operating cost crushing equipment; GW The series mobile solid waste crushing station has a built-in diesel engine, which can be produced without external power supply. It has a mobile chassis and is convenient and quick to move. The overall hydraulic drive is efficient and stable.

GI intelligent monitoring system: make garbage disposal smarter

Jiepu intelligent environmental protection continues to develop and innovate, analyze customer needs, focus on high-end intelligent equipment production, promote equipment innovation and upgrade, independently develop and design GI intelligent monitoring system with remote intelligent monitoring and production comprehensive management capabilities, and realize large-size garbage disposal production line Efficient, energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly "integration of management and control".

Jiepu GI intelligent monitoring system uses the Internet of Things and big data technology to build a comprehensive information processing platform - GI intelligent monitoring APP, real-time monitoring and statistics, real-time monitoring of equipment and real-time data statistics of the production of the entire production line. Real-time visual monitoring of video, reproduction of the shop floor, real-time understanding of production status without leaving home.

The classification of garbage is related to the improvement of the living environment of the people and the overall situation of green sustainable development. It is not only a "people's livelihood project" but also a "green revolution." Jiepu intelligent environmental protection implements the concept of “shared green technology” and provides complete solutions and system services for waste sorting and disposal. In the next stage, Jiepu Intelligent Environmental Protection will be continuously updated and upgraded to adapt to the ever-changing industry and market. A new solid waste crushing system specially designed to match various solid waste resources will be launched in time to meet the needs of different users.

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