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GEP brand tire recycle machine working site in Thailand

Did you see the real tire recycle machine?

We often hear from customers discuss that before we do the tire recycle business, we will investigate many things, for example, the government policy, the investigation money, the tire recycle solution, if we began the tire recycle business finally, do you know how to operate a tire recycle machine? Did you see a real tire recycle working site? So many customers want to see the real tire recycle working site. Today I will introduce you a tire recycle machine working site in Thailand.

tire recycle machine working site

Thailand customers choose GEP tire recycle machine after many inspection

Last year we received several customers from Thailand, they want to buy a set of tire recycle machine, we know that they want to make the tire into 50mm tire pieces for thermal cracking, then make electricity power. During there visiting, we take them to inspect our factory to introduce all the machines are need for the tire recycle, they inspected our machining, our material, our intelligent system, to know every detail about tire recycle machine. At last we discussed a suitable tire recycle solution based on there demand in the office.

How many machines are needed in a tire recycling solution?

At last, we designed customer a complete tire recycling solution, it is like this: a bead wire pulling is needed first to separate the bead wire of tire diameter ≥800mm, then are delivered to the double shaft shredder by the chain feeder for shredding, the output tire size after shredding is about 150mm, we designed a rotary screen circle the double shaft shredder, the final tire size is about 50mm, it can be used for thermal cracking directly. This production line has operated more than 1 year, the customer satisfy with the performance very well. If you also want to visit the tire recycle working site, contact me.

How to Get a Customized Solution?

Don't worry, we will help you design a one-stop solution, providing you with satisfactory service.


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