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GEP ECOTECH—A Powerful Support of the Construction of Venous Industrial Park in Henan Province

  Several days ago, the three-year Construction Plan of Venous Industrial Park in Henan Province was published. It is a sign that the venous industrial park will become the front of the innocent treatment and resource utilization of all kinds of Low-value waste in the whole province.


  Venous Industrial Park transforms the traditional Linear economic model of“resource-product-waste”into recycling economic model of “resource-product-renewable resource”.Kitchen waste becomes industrial oil, waste cable skin becomes car washing machine tube, construction waste becomes paving stone.....Through the construction of Venous Industrial, the municipal solid waste incineration treatment will take up more than 50% in the whole innocent treatment in 2020. That is to say, more than half of the domestic garbage will become renewable resource.


  According to the requirement of the plan, the large comprehensive venous industrial park that concentrate on the recycle of low-value waste include domestic garbage, kitchen garbage and municipal sludge will be built in the central city and counties that own more than 1 million household registration population and more than 20 thousands urban population. Counties(cities) that own daily output of more than 600 tons of food waste,and daily output of more than 50 tons of kitchen garbage, the planning and construction of vein Industrial Park should dispose city sludge, construction waste and other wastes.If conditional is satisfied, it should include the comprehensive procession of crop straw, hazardous waste. Counties(cities) own daily output below 600 tons domestic garbage should be encouraged to chose the municipalities as the main body and share the venous industrial park with neighbor counties(cities) in the same district. At the same time, the provincial development and Reform Commission requires that the new municipal solid waste incineration power generation and Agroforestry biomass co-generation project which is not included in the venous Industrial Park in the future will not be allowed to go through the project approval process, and the power company shall not access the power grid system.


  As the leader enterprise of intelligent city sold waste recycling industry, GEP’s intelligent shredding and recycling production line of municipal garbage can cover all kinds of renewable areas of low-value waste include domestic garbage, kitchen garbage,city sludge,construction waste and hazardous waste. There is no doubt that GEP ECOTECH will provide professional element and intelligent support for the construction of Venous Industrial Park in Henan Province.

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