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GEP ECOTECH bulky waste disposal equipment is shipped in a centralized manner!

Recently, two sets of bulky waste disposal equipment have been inspected and loaded into trucks at the GEP factory, and they have successively rushed to the Jiangxi project site, which will soon become a solid force for the recycling of local bulky waste.


Due to the difficulty of clearing, transportation and disposal of bulky waste, it once became a difficulty in the utilization of waste resources. In order to solve the series of problems in the past, such as difficult management and disposal of bulky waste, two cities in Jiangxi conducted open tenders for the disposal of bulky waste resources. With good product quality, brand influence and after-sales service, GEP ECOTECH has highlighted its advantages in the bidding, and has successively won two major projects.

The bulky waste disposal system shipped this time is the "star" product of GEP ECOTECH. With its high-quality and high-efficiency performance, the product continues to create an excellent brand image of GEP in the large-scale waste resource utilization market. Since its launch on the market, the GEP bulky waste disposal system has been shown in bulkywaste disposal projects in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Tibet, Fujian, etc. Its intelligence, stability, convenience and high efficiency have been fully recognized by customers and highly praised by the market.

Shipment 1: GEP bulky waste disposal system

Shipment 2: GEP bulky waste disposal system

At the same time that this batch of equipment is shipped, the technical engineer team are already on the way to the project site, they will continue to cooperate with the installation and commissioning of the equipment, quickly put into the equipment installation and commissioning work with an efficient and rigorous style, and go all out to help the bulky waste disposal project put into operation quickly.

After the two bulky waste disposal projects were put into operation, bulky waste such as used sofas, mattresses, furniture, and wardrobes were crushed and reduced in volume. After dismantling and processing, the recyclable part will be maximized for resource recycling, truly "turning waste into treasure", and providing strong guarantee and support for the garbage classification work in Jiangxi Province.

As a high-end solid waste disposal equipment manufacturer and solution provider, GEP ECOTECH can not only provide a full range of primary and fine shredders and supporting sorting equipment, but also provide service of program design, technical support, parts supply, after-sales maintenance, etc. GEP ECOTECH focuses on providing customers with a complete set of solutions for solid waste resource disposal with high efficiency, energy saving, cost optimization, guaranteed construction period, and good after-sales maintenance.

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