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GEP Ecotech: Focus on Customer Experience, Win in Service Quality

Nowadays the market is changing and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Facing the diversified customers and customized product demand, how to improve customer satisfaction becomes the first task of enterprise development.

GEP Ecotech: Focus on Customer Experience, Win in Service Quality

All the time, GEP Ecotech attaches great importance to the quality of after-sales service, adhere to the "timely, fast and effective" service concept, constantly optimize and upgrade the after-sales service system, improve the comprehensive ability and accomplishment of the after-sales service team, extend the service content, improve service quality, and create more value for users.

New after-sales service system, delivering customer first concept

The update iteration of GEP after-sales service system is not only a simple and perfect after-sales service solution, but also an efficient operation of technical to guarantee products and production lines in high efficiency, to improve overall service management ability and provide value-added services to customers.

GEP Group provides technical advice, technical design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and other integrated services, through technology and equipment "output feedback" mode, constantly pay attention to the equipment use and maintenance, adhere from theory to practice, and then improve the theory from practice.

GEP Ecotech: Focus on Customer Experience, Win in Service Quality

GEP ECOTECH persist in doing implementing the "30 + 24 + 365" service standard :30 minutes to respond to customer consultation and give technical advice response ;24 hours to send after-sales engineers do on-site processing ;365 days no rest all the year, to receive service consultation requests.

Trust is the basis of cooperation, GEP Ecotech efforts to build integrity service system. At present, GEP Ecotech smoothly through the five-star service system, get after-sale five-star service certification. In the field of solid waste disposal, GEP has the leading service in the industry, relying on the strong technical support system as the backing, to provide customers with better quality, more efficient after-sales service, so that customers satisfied with GEP well.

Intelligent online service to provide one-stop intimate service

GEP Ecotech has created an intelligent online service management platform, which aims to provide customers with high quality and convenient after-sales service and spare parts supply. The intelligent online service management platform simplifies the jumbled links, makes full use of the cloud database, and can realize many functions, such as equipment repair registration, fault photo upload, equipment remote diagnosis, after-sales service station management, etc. Effectively improve customer service experience and the company's after-sales service efficiency.

In order to strengthen the service quality management and coordinate the service demand of each region, GEP service resources are unified and allocated by the intelligent online service management platform to ensure the implementation of service standards. Online customer service 7*24 hours uninterrupted service, answer customer consultation, quick response to customer demands, at any time to help customers solve technical consultation, equipment maintenance, functional advice and other issues.

GEP Ecotech: Focus on Customer Experience, Win in Service Quality

Customers can also contact online customer service or call the after-sales hotline directly, feedback their problems, and track the progress of after-sales processing in real time. Online customer service people receiving after-sales service demands, through the intelligent online service management platform, immediately notify the matching after-sales engineer to contact customers, arrange after-sales work. Through this system, service people can not only quickly and efficiently complete the processing of after-sales work orders, greatly shorten the operation process and response time, but also provide quick and accurate technical support for after-sales engineers to maintain equipment, and give customers a better after-sales service experience.

Efficient after-sales service team to create a closed-loop service model

GEP Ecotech has a professional after-sales service team, and regular systematic technical training to meet the project needs. All service people have passed the qualification certification of the senior management for after-sales service, have rich practical experience in equipment maintenance and repair, are familiar with the equipment structure, and can better carry out the guidance work of on-site equipment maintenance.

GEP Ecotech: Focus on Customer Experience, Win in Service Quality

GEP after-sales service mode from guaranteed service to customized service, from customized service to specialized, humanized and personalized housekeeping service mode. After-sales service team always adhere to customer-centered, provide quality services and professional technical support.Recently, GEP after-sales service team did quality feedback visit to some typical domestic customers, customers say the equipment function is good. During the quality feedback visit, GEP after-sales team ask the equipment site to know the equipment working time, output, processing capacity, maintenance, etc., check maintenance loopholes, help customers correct bad operating habits, improve the stability of equipment operation. At the same time, through deep research and analysis of customer feedback and suggestions, timely understand customer’s needs, grasp market trends, constantly improve equipment performance, promote product upgrading.

Actions speak louder than words, GEP Ecotech adhere to practical actions to implement the "customer satisfaction" service commitment, constantly optimize every link of after-sales service, effectively improve service quality, drive customer satisfaction rate rising, help enhance the impact of GEP brand, increase customer secondary purchase rate and referral rate. In the future, GEP will also take more service feedback and service innovation as product value-added, integrity-based service concept, talent-based after-sales system, company strength-based components support ability, committed to create more value for partners, become a respected environmental protection enterprise!

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