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GEP:Explore the new mode of solid waste recycling, guard the green hills and clear waters

Guided by the conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, GEP focuses on the field of solid waste recycling, adheres to green development, promotes solid waste reduction, recycling and harmless disposal,achieves efficient utilization, energy saving and consumption reduction, finally realizes the transformation of waste into treasure and turning harm into profit.


Adhere to circular economy development, solid waste recycling has become a major trend in this industry.

Harmless disposal of solid waste is the goal; resource is the means. Resource is the breakthrough to solve the solid waste pollution and alleviate the shortage of resources. Solid waste is rich in metal and biomass resources. We will further promote the development of solid waste reduction and recycling, build resources recycling system, which are great of strategic significance and practical value to solve the problem of solid waste pollution, solve the constraints of resources and environment, and promote the green development of industry.

Improve the waste classification and disposal system to realize the high efficiency and resource utilization of solid waste

To achieve waste reduction and resource utilization, improve the utilization rate of garbage, in addition to the source of garbage classification, the establishment and improvement of waste disposal system is also a crucial part.

aking the harmless disposal and resource utilization of urban solid waste as the core, relying on the technical advantages and project experience, GEP has arranged environmental protection businesses such as collection of domestic waste disposal, kitchen waste disposal, waste tire disposal, biomass power generation shredding pretreatment, etc. GEP is committed to building a series of solid waste treatment and resource utilization model projects.

1.Bulky waste disposal system


In terms of bulky waste disposal, the process of crushing+sorting is adopted to transform the bulky waste into reusable resources after crushing and reducing the volume. Mechanical crushing replaces manual disassembly, which greatly improves work efficiency and improves working environment.

2.Kitchen waste disposal system


In terms of kitchen waste disposal, the process route of intelligent feeding + primary separation + Intelligent crushing + fine sorting + multi-stage spiral pressing is adopted, with complete disposal functions and high automation degree, so as to realize kitchen waste treatment and resource utilization.

3.Biomass fuel pre-crushing system


In terms of biomass power generation, the biomass fuel pre-crushing system is mainly composed of a number of double-shaft shearing shredder, chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, GI intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust suppression system. With high disposal efficiency, biomass fuel becomes easy to be sorted, transported and supplied on a large scale.

4.Comprehensive disposal system of industrial waste


The comprehensive disposal system of industrial waste integrates shredding and sorting system, which can gradually crush and refine the general industrial waste from coarse to fine, so as to reduce the volume, facilitate the subsequent processing and combustion power generation, improve the treatment efficiency of industrial waste.

5.Waste tire recycling and disposal system


In terms of waste tire disposal, shredding, steel wire separation, crushing and fiber separation are adopted to make waste tires become the black gold of renewable resources. The system has the advantages of low noise, high output, low energy consumption, simple operation and uniform discharge, which meet the requirements of environmental protection.

As a high-tech enterprise taking resource recycling as its own responsibility, GEP adheres to technological innovation, overcomes the technical problems of solid waste recycling utilization in a whole set, forms a systematic comprehensive solution and promotion mode for solid waste problem, promotes the expansion of the industrial scale of resource recycling, provides a substantial improvement in the disposal and utilization efficiency of solid waste pollutants and supports the construction of ecological civilization Science and technology support.

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