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GEP hazardous waste pre-disposal system are delivered to the oil field in Northwest China

Here is the national important petroleum and petrochemical base, but also GEP hazardous waste disposal project site. The weather here is difference between winter and summer, dry and few rain, it is always windy in spring and autumn, the temperature difference is big in winter and summer, most place is gobi desert. Oil exploitation is one of the most scenic spots in the desert.

With the further development of oil field development, the total amount of hazardous waste produced in the production process will increase continuously. Once these hazardous wastes enter the surrounding environment,they will have incalculable negative effects on soil, water source and so on. In order to solve this kind of hazardous waste, GEP hazardous waste pretreatment project is built.

Xinjiang hazardous waste pretreatment project

Material: Fatlute´╝îOil drum, plastic drum and other hazardous waste

Final product size: 100-300mm

Capacity: 2-10TPH

Capacity purpose: Reduce the volume, resource utilization

The harsh climate is a big test for GEP's hazardous disposal equipment. GEP team successfully overcome the equipment in high altitude,day and night temperature difference and hypoxia environment operation problems. In addition, according to the complexity of hazardous waste materials, GEP team adjusted the disposal technology to make it have wider material adaptability and effectively improved the comprehensive crushing and disposal capacity.

In the process of operation of the equipment, GEP hazardous waste disposal equipment has been highly recognized by customers for its advantages of high stability, high safety, high environmental protection and high intelligence.

The advantages of GEP hazardous waste disposal equipment

1.Big torque design, can dispose complex material

2.Imported cutter with good performance, long life and reliable

3.Adopt GEP intelligent monitoring to realize multiple chain protection

4.Multiple combination seal to ensure continuous operation

5.Big strength main shaft with high impact resistance

After the completion of the project, it will greatly enhance the disposal capacity and safe disposal level of hazardous waste, which is of great strategic significance to protect the ecological environment safety, promote ecological construction and promote the overall coordinated and sustainable development of economy, society and environment in Xinjiang.

As a high-tech enterprise with the responsibility of recycling resources, GEP ECOTECH is committed to the research and development of technology, equipment and technology for harmless treatment and resource utilization of solid (hazardous) waste. With continuous technological innovation and process improvement, we will try to make every solid (hazardous) waste resource disposal project to a benchmark demonstration project to promote the sustainable development of social, economic and ecological environment.

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