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GEP is back to work and put into production at full capacity!

With the safe and orderly return of employees, the production capacity of GEP is gradually restored. GEP is expected to enter into normal production in the middle of March.

In the early stage, in the strict accordance with the requirements of the regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters, GEP has formulated the production prevention and control plan, emergency disposal scheme. GEP has arranged the track of worker, disinfected the public areas, facilities and equipment in the plant area, reserved sufficient prevention and control materials. Because of these work, GEP is approved to return to work.


Since resumption of work, on the one hand, GEO has paid attention to epidemic prevention and control, on the other hand, GEP has strictly controlled product quality. From the confirmation of production plan to the approval of production batch, our workshop staff are working according to the order requirements, the maintenance and commissioning of each process equipment in the workshop are in place, and the full-automatic machining production line is running stably. In spare parts supply, GEP has fully prepared goods for the start of 2020, which is meet the supply demand of the epidemic. At present, the overall production capacity of the factory is in good condition and will not delay the progress of the equipment orders.

The details of epidemic prevention and control are indispensable.


In response to the call of the state, GEP always puts the life safety and physical health of employees first, strengthens the prevention and control of epidemic situation, effectively carries out the prevention and control of epidemic situation after returning to work, ensures safe production. Temperature measurement, registration and disinfection have become the necessary procedures for every employee to enter and leave the factory. GEP carries out large-scale disinfection three times a day in the plant area. All personnel in and out of the plant shall carry out information registration, temperature detection and special disinfection, wear masks throughout the operation. Real time registration and temperature measurement shall be carried out for external personnel and vehicles. Through these details, strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, make every effort to ensure the health of employees.

Advanced technology, refined quality control

In special period, we should pay attention to process quality control. For GEP, quality control is the first prerequisite for a good product. Based on the principle of "epidemic prevention and control, product quality", while doing epidemic prevention and control, GEP always adheres to the precision processing technology, takes the quality control, strictly controls the production details, carries out comprehensive quality testing and effectively guarantees the quality of product delivery.


Quality management system certification is not only the need of the enterprise's own development, but also the requirement of the enterprise to develop the market and enhance the core competitiveness.

GEP has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company's quality management system and service are standardized and accurate in accordance with high standards and strict requirements. GEP is committed to continuously and stably providing users with high-quality products and services. The core products of GEP have passed the EU CE certification, the products are comparable with international brands in technology, quality, safety and use.


With reliable product quality and professional after-sales service system, GEP keeps improving its market share and winning customers' reputation and trust.

The high-end products, the reliability of quality and the timeliness of service will become the competitive situation of the whole industry. At present, according to the market trend and the actual needs of customers, GEP iterates the product performance, enriches the product system, further strengthens the practicability and intelligence of solid waste disposal equipment, provides intelligent, high-end and efficient professional solutions for different customer needs.

How to Get a Customized Solution?

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Shredding & Recycling Solution for Different Materials

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