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GI intelligent control system used in biomass shredder

During the biomass shredder operation, what we concern is to increase the shredder capacity, reduce the operation fault, reduce the work man, reduce the operation cost, then to increase the operation economic profit. But how to do this, Gep GI intelligent control system tell you the answer.

GI intelligent control

Gep biomass shredder line use GI intelligent system to control the whole system, use information technology such as mobile Internet, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing to launch a GI intelligent monitoring system, through real-time monitoring of the overall operation data and analysis of the production line, timely understand the operating state of the equipment, to achieve intelligent, digital and refined production line monitoring management. For example, if some material which can’t be shredded are put into the shredder chamber, the GI system will reverse automaticly to protect the shredder shaft. It can also greasing to the bearing automaticly and remind when short of grease.

biomass shredder

To sum up, the biomass shredder GI system has the following features:

Reduce power consumption, avoid energy waste, reduce manufacturing cost

Adjustable parameter, data feedback, fault forecast, improve the efficiency.

Mange the production data, equipment working condition

Intelligent control system, efficient, safe, scientific

All of these features can make your biomass shredder system more safe, more efficient, more easy operation and more economic benefits.

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