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Good news! GEP signed the first bulky waste disposal project in Tibet

With professional technical strength and rich project experience, GEP stands out among many competitors and successfully wins the first large garbage resource disposal project in Tibet. The winning of this project is another good achievement of GEP in the bulky waste disposal market. It is also the practice of GEP for the enterprise mission of taking resource recycling as its own responsibility and devoting to green technology!

Lhasa city has an average daily output of more than 900 tons of domestic waste, of which large garbage accounts for about 10%. Because of the large volume, strong integrity, inconvenient transportation and other factors, the treatment of bulky waste has always been a local problem. In order to promote the classification and terminal disposal of domestic waste, Lhasa began to prepare for the construction of bulky waste disposal project, aiming to realize the resource utilization of bulky waste in Lhasa, which plays an important role in improving the waste treatment, management system and improving the resource-based treatment capacity of domestic waste.

In the early stage of bidding, GEP set up a specialized group, combined with the successful cooperation experience and technology accumulation of other bulky waste disposal projects, in view of the characteristics of high altitude, low pressure, high cold in Tibet, GEP fully conducted project market research, overcome the adaptation problems of equipment in high altitude areas and developed reasonable solutions. With its advanced R & D capability, excellent equipment quality and professional service, GEP won the bid.

The winning of the project lays a solid foundation for GEP expanding the broad environmental protection market, accumulating project cooperation experience in high altitude areas and special geographical environment, strengthening the core competitiveness and improving the influence and popularity of GEP brand.

According to the technical requirements, GEP will complete the supply, installation, commissioning and technical training of bulky waste disposal equipment and complete system with high standards, and build the project into a propagable and replicable industry benchmark for bulky waste resource disposal.

After the project is put into operation, it will solve the problems of domestic waste occupying community space and affecting community environmental health. It also makes use of bulky waste and garden waste resources and harmless treatment in Lhasa, turns waste into treasure, turns harm into profit, promotes the development of circular economy, and speeds up the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

In recent years, the main development direction of GEP intelligent environmental protection is to fully grasp the national policy situation and the development trend of environmental protection industry, focus on the field of solid waste intelligent disposal. In the future, GEP ECOTECH will continue to uphold the spirit of pioneering and hard work, overcome difficulties, adhere to the development strategy of internationalization, diversification and industrialization, deeply cultivate the field of solid waste recycling, actively respond to customer needs, and provide targeted one-stop solid waste disposal solution.

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