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Good supplier of steel drum shredder

Industrial and chemical production of the remaining steel drum is also more and more, because the recycling price is not high, and has a certain degree of pollution and danger, how to dispose of these waste packaging barrels is a topic we pay more attention to, the recycling of waste packaging barrels is very beneficial to the recycling of natural resources and environmental protection. Subsequently, there are more and more manufacturers of steel drum shredders

Good supplier of steel drum shredder

GEP ECOTECH is an entity enterprise driven by technological innovation and social responsibility, integrating design, R & D, production and sales, focusing on intelligent and environmental protection technology and R & D, production, sales and service. GEP takes the recycling of resources as its own responsibility, constantly increases innovation, gives full play to the advantages of intelligent technology, and shows the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing to the world.

As a domestic solid waste treatment equipment enterprise, GEP ECOTECH company, after years of research and practice, and according to the actual situation of domestic waste packaging barrels, has carried out improvement research and development, and launched waste steel drum shredding equipment with mature technology and advanced design. It can effectively crush and reduce the volume of iron barrel, cardboard barrel, iron sheet oil barrel and waste milk powder barrel. In addition, the size and thickness of the crushed products are uniform, which provides a good source of raw materials for later reprocessing.

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Benefiting from deep technical strength and years of accumulated experience, GEP Ecotech optimizes the processing technology of different materials to help users improve production capacity, reduce costs, improve safety, and increase profitability.