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Granulator used in waste tire recycling

During waste tire recycling, the waste tire can be shredded into different size for different use, for example, make the tire to 50mm strips, it can be used for electric power generation, make the tire to 5mm particles, it can be used as material for runway, road cushion. If you want to shred the tire into about 5mm particles, an important machine is needed, that is granulator. After the waste tire is shredded by the shredder, the granulator can make the tire strips into small particles.

waste tire recycling

Granulator is a kind of equipment developed independently by GEP Ecotech in view of the rising trend of waste tire recycling which can produce the rubber chips to about 2-5mm rubber particles, and the fiber in the tire can be, the separation rate can reach more than 99.5%

The advantages of granulator:

V shape knifetechnology, more efficient disposal;

Modular design and hinged connection of up and low chamber, greatly facilitates the maintenance and repair ofthecutter roller.

Cutterclearance can be adjusted in real time to achieve the best results.

Theshaftis made of high strength wear resistant material to ensure long-term high load operation

Hinged connection of up and low chamber, open and shut by hydraulic, greatly facilitates the maintenance and repair ofthecutter roller.

Gep Ecotech can not only provide single tire recycling machine, but also can provide the complete solution, if you have any idea about the waste tire recycling, welcome to GEP Ecotech.

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