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Green technology intelligent production-----GEP Ecotech attended the 21st IE expo 2020

The 21st IE Expo ended in Shanghai New International Expo Center on August 15. In the three-day exhibition, GEP ECOTECH take a series of products and solutions ,showing GEP’s technical strength and intellectual charm in the field of solid waste disposal.


Environmental industry big events, attracting global attention

As the first exhibition of environmental industry after the epidemic, the Expo has attracted more attention than ever. With the super expected scale and abundant frontier green technology, China Environmental Expo once again presents the vigorous vitality and development potential of China's environmental protection industry and market to the world.


As the most influential professional exhibition in the field of environmental protection in China, the China Environment Expo is closely related to the needs and future development trend of the environmental protection industry market. It is the most influential and highest quality environmental technology exchange event in Asia with the core of promoting comprehensive environmental protection management, innovative technology and coordinated development of the whole industry.


The 21st IE expo 2020 is jointly sponsored by Munich Expo Group, China Society of Environmental Sciences, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Environmental Chamber of Commerce, China Trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The exhibition area exceeds 150000 square meters, gathered 1851 exhibitors from 24 countries around the world, the exhibits cover solutions for water, solid waste, atmosphere, soil and noise pollution control in municipal, industrial and rural areas. They provide scientific and technological support to prevent the pollution and create green and healthy living environment.


High-end solid waste disposal equipment attract many attention

As a high-tech enterprise with the responsibility of recycling resources, GEP Ecotech take excellent products and high quality services, has been highly praised by industry experts and exhibitors. In addition to the release of new products: double roller crusher and a new generation of double shaft shredder, the exhibition also launched a new series of solid waste disposal schemes to provide customers with more valuable selection.

New solutions

(1)Bulky waste disposal system

In order to solve the problem of bulky waste problem, GEP Ecotech aims at the characteristics of bulky waste, and combines mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and intelligent technology, designed an intelligent bulky waste disposal system. The bulky waste disposal system is mainly composed of metal chain plate conveyor, double shaft shredder, iron separator, dust control system, intelligent control system and so on.

(2)Biomass pre-shredding system

Biomass fuel pre-shredding system is mainly composed of biomass special shredder, metal chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, GI intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust control system. It has good disposal effect and high crushing efficiency, which makes agricultural and forestry waste easy to transport, large-scale supply and high thermal energy conversion. The biomass fuel pretreatment system has improved the feed structure and shredding device completely, and the suitable materials are more extensive, which can break the biomass raw materials such as bamboo, straw, cotton straw, straw and so on. It has the advantages of large capacity disposal, intelligent protection, cooperative optimization and so on.

(3)Kitchen waste disposal system

The comprehensive disposal system of kitchen waste adopts the process of pre-shredding, magnetic separation, organic matter separation, press dehydration,the process flow is simple, the function is complete and with high degree of automation to ensure the kitchen waste can be treated more effectively, the fine separation of kitchen waste can be realized, the long-term stable operation of process production line can be guaranteed, and the economic benefit and environmental benefit of kitchen waste terminal disposal can be maximized.

(4)Industrial waste disposal system

The integrated disposal system of industrial waste consists of conveyor, shredder, magnetic separator and other equipment. The system integrates the crushing and sorting system to reduce the waste volume, facilitate subsequent processing and combustion to generate electricity. The separated renewable materials bring resources and economic benefits, and greatly improve the utilization rate of industrial waste resources. The intelligent dust control system can efficiently dispose the dust produced in the shredding process without secondary pollution.

During the exhibition,GEP provided rich products, detailed information materials, warm service reception, professional technical team, won the visitors’ satisfaction, which bring visitors the most comprehensive, the most intuitive, the most sincere feeling.

Intelligent technology upgrade, Innovation leads the future

In the Exhibition, GEP GI intelligent monitoring system video bring visitors a full sense of technology visual feast. Using 3D animation demonstration to show the unique intelligent advantages of GEP products, not only to impress customers, but also to help customers understand the intelligent performance of the device more deeply.

Intelligent manufacturing is the inevitable trend of traditional manufacturing transformation. Intelligence has become an important feature in the development of solid waste disposal equipment, which is also an important characteristic of GEP intelligent solid waste disposal equipment.


GEP GI intelligent monitoring system has a strong ability to open the "isolated island" of data, construct a unified fusion, intelligent and efficient solid waste disposal equipment "intelligent brain ", this system can make the solid waste disposal line fine monitoring and management, realize the information transmission in network, data report personalized, data analysis intelligent, production process control visualization, abnormal alarm real-time, production management and decision-making scientific, help users to control the operation of the equipment in real time and accurately, greatly improve the operation efficiency of the production line, reduce operating costs.


During this exhibition, GEP Ecotech not only shows the equipment stable and efficient, green environmental protection, intelligent production, but also fully shows the strong strength of GEP as a professional provider of the overall solution in the field of solid waste disposal. Through the exhibition, GEP has won the widespread favor of customers with exquisite product quality, professional service, GEP brand attention and influence has also been further enhanced.

In the future, GEP ECOTECH will continue to keep pace with the times, continue to innovate, strengthen the technical advantages, to provide customers with quality products and services, let’s move on together.

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