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Heavy duty industrial shredder for metal

Heavy duty industrial shredders for metal are widely used in crushing scrap car shells, bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, scrap metal pipes, pipe fittings, scrap steel plates (thickness less than 7mm), iron sheets, aluminum alloys, engine shells, scrap aluminum castings, metal barrels, etc.

 heavy duty industrial shredder for metal

The heavy duty industrial shredder for metal can effectively crush scrap metal to the finished size required by the customer. Different configurations can be replaced according to actual needs. The crushed materials can also be further processed into flakes or granules, which is environmentally friendly, economical and easy to transport.

GD series double shaft shear shredder is an ideal heavy duty industrial shredder for metal,let us see what advantages it has:

1.Integral knife box saves maintenance costs.

2.Fixed knife independent detachable technology greatly reduces the workload of workers and improves the continuity of production.

3.Intelligent system can monitor equipment operation anytime and anywhere.

4.European imported knives have long service life and good interchangeability.

5.The spindle has higher fatigue resistance and higher impact resistance.

6.Imported bearings and multiple combined seals ensure the continuous and stable operation of the machine.

GD double-shaft crusher has been tested by numerous projects and is one of the most popular heavy duty industrial shredder for metal in the market. The output of a single machine can reach 60 tons per hour. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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