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High performance single shaft shredders machine

The high performance single shaft shredders machine are suitable for the recycling of waste products in the plastic industry. It can be used to crush plastic bottles, plastic braided wires, woven bags, plastic mesh ropes, films, shoe materials, sheets, plastic plates, plastic tubes, medicines, food, etc. It can also crush nylon, resin, PVC, TPR, polypropylene, high and low pressure polycarbonate, rubber and other plastics.

high performance single shaft shredders machine

The Europe type fine shredder is one of the high performance single shaft shredders machine in the market, which is very efficient for plastic fine crushing treatment! Let us see what features it has.

1. Customized cutter screen, the output size can be adjusted

Unique cutter design, suitable for shredding materials with strong winding; the screen aperture can be adjusted according to the size of the material, which meets the size and output requirements of customers for processing finer materials.

2. Intelligent monitoring technology, automatic overload protection

Using GEP intelligent patented technology, the equipment can be monitored in real time through mobile phone APP or computer, realizing online monitoring, automatic memory, intelligent maintenance, and overload protection of equipment and systems, making equipment operation more reliable.

3. Advanced structure design, convenient replacement of parts

The complete machine system complies with CE standards, and the spindle has undergone multiple heat treatments and high-precision processing, which is stable and reliable; after the movable knife is worn, the angle of the blade can be changed and used, the gap can be adjusted to improve the efficiency of the fixed knife, and greatly reduce the replacement cost of wearing parts .

The Europe type fine shredder not only has high performance, but also is equipped with GI intelligent system, one-key start, the whole process is intelligent, automatic operation, and simple operation. It is your best choice for high performance single shaft shredders machine.

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