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Hot garbage forced classification into the law enforcement era, Shanghai and Guangzhou began to play

Review: according to reports, September 2017, Guangzhou will launch a special law enforcement work carried out compulsory garbage classification, mainly for the organs, enterprises and institutions and property units, for ordinary residents will encourage the main propaganda. On the same day, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of law enforcement corps issued the first mandatory rectification notice after the first unit of household garbage. Shanghai Green City Department responded that, according to the "compulsory units of Shanghai city garbage classification implementation plan", to the end of 2017, Shanghai to include all public institutions and enterprises units, mandatory garbage classification covering the whole life.

Guangzhou will start to carry out compulsory enforcement of garbage special law enforcement

August 2, 2017, the Guangzhou Municipal Management Committee announced the city's 100 living garbage mandatory classification of residential living model list. Among them, Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun, Whampoa , Huadu, Panyu, Nanshaeach 10 in the 9 districts each, each 5 in Conghua and Zengcheng.

It is understood that, in order to promote this work, the Commission has formulated the "Guangzhou city to create a living garbage mandatory classification of residential living model district work standards". In November 2017, Guangzhou City Management Committee will organize inspection and acceptance of the 100 District, a score of 90 or more (including bonus items over 5) of the District, by the municipal solid waste Office awarded the "garbage classification model mandatory living area" title.

Two garbage collection containers shall be installed on each floor

According to reports, the mandatory classification of residential garbage model district standards, mainly divided into categories, delivery, classification, collection, classification, transportation and publicity launched 4 aspects.

In the classification of the delivery link, the use of timing, fixed-point classification, delivery mode of the District, generally 200 to 300 households set up a regular delivery point, the regular delivery point, set kitchen waste and other garbage two collection containers. In addition, each district should be set up to meet the needs of the Recyclable matter containers, at least one of the renewable resource recycling site or designated sanitation workers provide booking service recovery area; each building or every 100 households set 1 hazardous waste collection container.

In the classified collection and transportation, food waste, Other Waste do Nissan Nissin, requirements of kitchen waste, Other Waste share a transport vehicle, must divide the kitchen garbage, Other Waste loading area, no sanitation workers mixed collection. After collection of classified food waste, transported to the Other Waste compression station (temporary hoisting point) must be used in vehicle barreled form, garbage should be exposed, transport vehicles (car, tricycle) body color, logo and the garbage transport container, consistent color logo.

In propaganda and promotion, the above 100 districts should carry out at least 1 garbage classification campaigns every month.

It is understood that the Commission will be selected each year a number of new created areas, and gradually open, put the living garbage classification work to do, seriously and specifically.

Will expand the implementation of the mandatory classification of living garbage

According to the Guangzhou Municipal Administration Committee of the relevant person in charge, the next phase of the Commission will further promote garbage classification from precision, construct a perfect classification collection processing system, to further promote the recycling of renewable resources, accelerate the construction of garbage disposal facilities, to further strengthen the garbage classification and the construction of the legal system of propaganda and training in these 5 areas, to carry out garbage processing work.

At the same time, the Commission will also carry out garbage classification precision force model community created in 2017 to create a demonstration area 100, and gradually promotion; carry out garbage outstanding demonstration Street (town) created in 2018 to create a good demonstration Street (town) 9, 2019 to create outstanding demonstration Street (town) 20. It is understood that the Commission will also establish a hazardous waste, recyclable, kitchen waste, other Waste 4 complete collection line, and gradually improve the classification of food waste collection and disposal of hazardous waste collection, low value recyclable recycling system, kitchen garbage collection, do special transport Nissan, hazardous waste do regularly the collection and safe disposal. At the same time, to strengthen the construction of digital monitoring platform for waste classification, to achieve classification, delivery, classification, collection, classification, transportation, classification processing, the whole process of supervision.

Shanghai began to act out the first notice of correction

Since this year, Shanghai has fully implemented the compulsory classification system for living garbage. August 2nd, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of law enforcement corps issued after the first mandatory classification of residential garbage rectification notice.


Two property companies have been seized

August 2nd, Liberation Daily, the top news reporters follow the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of law enforcement corps, came to Nanjing East Road, No. 409, landmark. In the trash on the ground floor of the square room, law enforcement officers randomly opened a wet trash, found a bucket containing litter and waste paper towels, cigarette butts, film dry garbage or Recyclable, they do not belong to wet trash.



According to the May 1, 2014 implementation of the "Shanghai city to promote garbage classification reduction measures", Shanghai law enforcement departments immediately to the landmark property management Shanghai Shenneng Property Management Limited issued rectification notice, ordered its rectification, in August 4th 14 before correction related behavior.


Subsequently, the law enforcement officers came to the Sichuan Road No. 276 Huangpu building, the building at the right, two black trash lid placed outdoors, ground sewers, smell to look inside the barrel, no garbage classification, foam board, wood, paper towels and wet garbage mixed waste together.


According to the "Shanghai city to promote garbage classification reduction measures", New Huangpu building Property Management Company is responsible for the management of put garbage classification, should be set up according to the provisions of garbage classification and collection containers; not set, chased by the law enforcement departments shall be ordered to make corrections, and at more than 50 yuan to 500 yuan. The law enforcement department immediately to Shanghai Minghua Property Management Limited issued rectification notice, the correct behavior in August 4th 15 before the deadline, and notice out of the conversation to the requirements in August 7th to law enforcement authorities for investigation.


Mandatory classification conditions gradually mature

For the law enforcement, some units said they do not understand, think this year, Shanghai full implementation of the unit compulsory classification system of living garbage, why not go out in August before the first order to correct the notice?

In this regard, Shanghai Green City Department responded that, according to the "compulsory units of Shanghai city garbage classification implementation plan", to the end of 2017, Shanghai to include all public institutions and enterprises units, garbage classification forced full coverage, therefore, this year Shanghai spent half the time, extensive publicity, and guide the city the relevant units know compulsory classification system. At the end of June this year, Shanghai has basically completed the key units of the mandatory garbage classification notice issued. This is the law enforcement, has been informed of the unit as the object, did not allow them to "knowingly violate".


This year, strict enforcement of the conditions become mature, all of the country, began to strengthen the promotion of living garbage classification, some rigid requirements and initiatives began to increase. The national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction issued the "garbage classification system implementation plan" clear requirements before the end of 2020, the key city within the city life in advance the implementation of mandatory garbage classification, which means to "13th Five-Year" at the end, Haicheng area must implement mandatory garbage classification of life.

In addition to administrative penalties, Shanghai will gradually pilot "classification, and other coercive measures, forced to relevant units to implement mandatory garbage classification of life. According to the "compulsory units of Shanghai city garbage classification implementation plan", for refusing to participate in the garbage or garbage quality severely substandard units, if ordered rectification still refuses to correct, and will take measures such as delay, and in a certain range of publicity, to accept social supervision.

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