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Hot news! Installation site of Guancheng District, Zhengzhou domestic waste sorting center!

Zhengzhou domestic waste classification is advancing in an orderly manner. At present, Zhongyuan District domestic waste sorting center has taken the lead in putting into operation, other waste sorting centers are speeding up construction. It is estimated that it will be completed and put into operation by the end of June. At that time, the central city will basically form a closed-loop cycle of domestic waste front-end classification, middle-end collection and transportation, and end treatment.


The construction of waste classification center is an important guarantee for Zhengzhou front-end project of waste classification to realize utilization, reduction and harmless disposal. The land area of Guancheng District domestic waste sorting center is about 29 mu, the total construction area is about 6,000 square meters. The design capacity of the project is: garden waste 40 tons/day, waste fabric waste 10 tons/day, renewable resource 80 tons/day, hazardous waste 10 tons/month.


The main construction contents include: office space, waste classification and education base, Internet of things monitoring platform, recyclables storage point, waste fabric storage point, hazardous waste(Residential batteries, lamps, expired cosmetics, expired drugs, etc.) storage point, bulky waste (Abandoned furniture generated in the lives of residents) dismantling points, etc. The project construction does not include kitchen waste treatment station and sewage treatment station(Remark: The other four district, four development zone domestic waste sorting centers have the functions of kitchen waste disposal and supporting sewage treatment). After the completion of the project, it will become an important terminal treatment facility and education base for domestic waste classification in Guancheng District.

With the delivery of bulky waste disposal equipment, Guancheng District domestic waste sorting center has entered the stage of centralized installation. At the construction site, large scale hoisting equipment is operating, GEP installation personnel are installing the equipment to fully guarantee the production line to be put into operation on schedule.

Bulky waste dismantling project is one of the main components of the domestic waste sorting center. GEP bulky waste treatment system can realize centralized treatment, automatic disassembly, mechanical capacity reduction and automatic sorting of bulky waste and garden waste, finally realize resource reuse.


GEP bulky waste disposal system adopts completely closed design, equips with a pulse dust collectors, which can suppress the dust and ensure the site is clean.

In order to ensure the installation progress of the project, GEP set up a special group, developed reasonable assurance measures and prepared for installation in advance. GEP held skill training meetings to emphasize the precautions when installing the equipment, so that the installation team can be more familiar with the details of the equipment, ensure the smooth operation of each project, maximize the work efficiency and installation progress.


In terms of after-sales service, GEP can respond to sudden failure of equipment within 30 minutes, send engineers to the site within 24 hours, provide solutions within 8 hours. The special group will make regular return visits, keep communication with the equipment operators, get the track of the equipment’s operation and maintenance, provide guidance according to the feedback.

After the project is put into operation, it will greatly improve the bulky waste and garden waste treatment level, realize harmless, reduction and utilization of domestic waste treatment, improve the city appearance, improve people’s living environment, achieve a win-win situation of social, ecological and economic benefits.

GEP relies on the accumulate treatment experience of domestic waste disposal, adheres to the principle of reduction, utilization and harmless. GEP integrates internal and external resource and technologies, realizes efficient and orderly recycling and disposal of domestic waste, maximize the recycling rate of resources, constantly create a replicable and popularized new model demonstration point of domestic waste recycling disposal operation.

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