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How do e-waste shredder helps the environment?

E-waste usually contains a large amount of toxic substances such as lead, chromium, mercury, etc., which causes great pollution and widespread harm. Improper disposal will not only cause waste of resources, but also cause great environmental pollution and even directly threaten human health. Through the professional disposal of e-waste shredders and supporting equipment, renewable resources such as copper, aluminum, plastics, and rare precious metals can be sorted out, which has great economic value. Therefore, the use of efficient and environmentally friendly recycling methods to achieve resource reuse has become a general trend.

e-waste shredder

The GEP intelligent e-waste shredding system achieves automatic disassembly and separation of e-waste through intelligent processes such as crushing, separation, etc. It not only achieves effective shredding, but also greatly improves the efficiency of subsequent resource reuse. GEP e-waste shredder has been unanimously recognized by new and old customers at home and abroad for its outstanding advantages such as intelligence, high quality, etc.

Characteristics of GEP intelligent e-waste shredder:

1. Integral knife box

It guarantees high mechanical strength and processing accuracy to a large extent, prolongs the service life of the equipment and saves operating costs.

2. Intelligent technology

GEP adopts GEP intelligent patented technology to realize automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, abnormal alarm, and design an intelligent protection system for unbreakable objects, which reduces the failure rate, ensures the long-term healthy operation of the equipment, and reduces labor and operating costs.

3. European imported tool material

The raw materials of the cutting tools are imported and processed by special technology, which has a long service life and good interchangeability.

4. High-strength spindle

The main shaft is made of special materials, after repeated heat treatment and high-precision processing, it has high mechanical strength, strong fatigue and impact resistance and long service life.

5. Unique anti-loose technology

Through independent research and development, the unique anti-loose technology is adopted, which effectively avoids the hidden danger of equipment failure caused by the loose bolt.

6. Independent detachable fixed knife technology

Each fixed knife can be disassembled and installed independently, which can be quickly disassembled in a short time, greatly reducing downtime and improving production continuity.

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