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How Do You know About Garbage Incineration Power Generation

The fast growing China makes more and more garbage every day. Burial fields and incinerators are inundated. How about converting these wastes into energy? The concept of waste incineration power plant came into being.

In February this year, the government of Dubai proposed a project to build a waste power plant. If it was built in 2020, its scale would surpass China to become the first in the world; after completion, it is expected to deal with more than 5500 tons of garbage a day and produce 20MW electricity which is higher than the Shenzhen plant. The importance the developed countries attach to waste incineration and power generation also illustrates the feasibility of "turning rubbish into resources".

How Do You know About Garbage Incineration Power Generation

Garbage incineration power generation is to sort out all kinds of garbage after collection. At present, there are two main forms of waste incineration power generation: The first is using high temperature incineration to deal with high burning value waste, the heat generated in the high temperature incineration is converted into high temperature steam, and the steam turbine is rotated to make the generator produce electric energy. The second is the ferment and anaerobic treatment of the non burning organic matter, and finally through dry gas desulphurization, and produce a gas called methane, also known as biogas. After burning, the heat energy is converted into steam, which drives the steam turbine to rotate and drives the generator to generate electricity.

Facing the new era of ecological civilization construction, urban solid waste incineration and power generation need to be clear about the new development strategy at the new starting point of the new era, opening up a new historical journey. China's domestic waste incineration power generation installed capacity and garbage disposal volume ranks first in the world. By the end of 2016, 273 municipal solid waste incineration power generation projects were put into operation in China. As of the first half of 2017, there were 296 projects for garbage power generation. Garbage incineration power plants are mostly concentrated in urban areas with large population distribution, which is an important measure for urban ecological environment protection. In China, the project of waste incineration power plant not only solves the problem of garbage pollution, turns decadent into magic, turns waste into treasure, but also creates economic value and creates a new green ecological environment.

In order to solve the problem of "Besieged City", the garbage incineration power generation industry is becoming larger and larger in China. At the same time, the "neighborhood avoidance effect" has attracted much attention. In fact, the origin of the "adjacent effect" is the cognitive level of the residents in the waste incineration project, and there are concerns and doubts about the impact of the construction of the waste incineration power plant on its own health, the surrounding environment and regional development. GEP believes that the "adjacent effect" should be transformed into a "neighbouring effect". In addition to the strict implementation of the standard environmental protection policies and regulations, it is necessary to improve the transparency of the waste incineration power generation enterprises and strengthen the related technologies of flue gas treatment.

How Do You know About Garbage Incineration Power Generation

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