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How Much Do Shredding Machines Cost?

Cost Factors for Having a Shredding Machine (Industrial Shredder)

There are a number of pros and cons to own a shredding machine. When someone wants to buy a shredder machine, she/he may not know the actual cost of buying a shredder. If a recycling plant is looking for recycling and reusing their collected materials, then he/she should know about the upfront cost and operating cost of possessing an industrial shredder. Also, the operation risks, maintenance, and the number of employees are worth considering. In this article, we will talk about How Much Do Shredding Machines Cost.

Here are the major factors in owning a shredding machine:

  • Price: Ranges from $10,000 – $100,000 (mostly depends on functions and output).
  • The service life of shredder: based on varied usage this can range from 3-8 years or more.
  • Machine maintenance costs: labour and spare parts required to maintain regularly.
  • Employee time spent: the time an employee spends shredding and disposing of wastes, as well as the machine downtime. Working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Employee wage: the payment payable to employees that are dedicated to operate and service the machine.

A Detailed Analysis of Having an Industrial Shredder

  • Price:  Take a plastic shredder as an example, the one produces 600kg/hr costs around $10,000. At 2 ton/hr, the shredder price surges to $30,000. The price varies from model, function and output. Single shaft shredder is usually more expansive than double shaft shredder. Adding a pusher ram and conveyors will increase the cost of your project. Last but not least, high output means a bigger model, and thus costs more.
  • The service life of shredder: 3-8 years of machine life if maintenance is done right. You can calculate the investment return rate based on this data.
  • Machine maintenance costs: labour and spare parts required to maintain regularly. Screens, blades of rotor and guide rail of pusher ram are the common replacement parts. You may inspect and replace them if they are out of service. The cost of buying spare parts is around $3000 for a plastic shredder at 600kg/hr.
  • Employee wage: A small machine lower than 1-ton output requires one person to operate. Around 2 tons or a shredding system, at least 2 persons are needed. An employee costs $3,000 per month. This salary covers the daily operation and maintenance of the machine.

Conclusion of Shredder Cost

How Much Do Shredding Machines Cost? For just the shredding machine, the plastic shredder price is $10,000. Above we take a plastic shredder as an example, after adding up all the costs, we get $10,000 as upfront costs and $40000 as operating costs in one year.

In fact, you can use the same way to calculate shredder machine price, including metal shredder price, wood shredder price and plastic shredder price and their operation cost.

To buy and own such a big machine is a serious project, GEP Ecotechadvices you to ask us before having one.

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