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How much does a dual shaft shredder cost

There are many factors that determine the dual shaft shredder cost, such as the materials, blades, bearings, motors, technology, functions, and specifications of the shredder. Therefore, the price spans from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It is necessary to combine the actual situation of their own production to purchase products suitable for them.

dual shaft shredder

1. The type determines a dual shaft shredder cost

The price of different types of shredders is different. From the shredded material, it can be divided into soft material, hard material, and metal. From the bearing, it can be divided into single shaft, double shaft, four shaft, and so on. Generally speaking, for the same specification, the higher the strength of the shredder itself, the more expensive it is.

2. Working principle determines a dual shaft shredder cost

The price of shredders with different working principles is also different. For example, double-shaft shredders can be divided into roller type and shear type. Relatively speaking, the working principle is more complicated and cumbersome, and the materials used are more difficult to produce, and the selling price will be higher.

3. Specifications determine a dual shaft shredder cost

For the same type of shredder, its specifications and models are also divided into many types, mainly according to the user's output, the output demand is greater, the price will be higher, and vice versa. When choosing, you should choose the specifications and models that suit you according to your actual output.

4.The performance of the shredder determines a dual shaft shredder cost

The performance of the shredder is mainly manifested in stability, shredding efficiency, and service life, as well as other factors, such as energy consumption, automatic intelligence and so on. The shredder with good performance has good effect on the output of finished products, high efficiency, and greatly saves costs. Relatively speaking, the equipment price is also higher.

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