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How much is a plastic shredder´╝č

With people's environmental awareness improvement, we are doing more and more measures to protect our environment, especially the measures of solid waste disposal. In the solid waste, plastic is a special waste, as it is Non-degradable , it will make bigger pollution to our environment, so it is specially important to treat plastic waste, so we often hear from our customers that I want to do the plastic recycling, how much is a plastic waste shredder?

plastic shredder

Actually if you want to know the plastic shredder price, we should discuss the demand first:

First , what kind of plastic waste will be disposed? For example, the shredder design will be different when shred plastic film or plastic drum, we will design different shredder detail based on different material, it will be better if we can see the material picture.

Second, what's the material size, for example if shred plastic drum, what’s the drum diameter, if shred plastic film, it is scattered or bales, what’s the bale size, this will influence the design of the solid waste shred chamber.

Third, What's the final shredded size needed? This is determined by the final shredded products usage.

Last question is what's the capacity is needed, 2 tons per hour and 5 tons per hour will use different size shredder.

plastic shredder

So confirming the above information, we can recommend a very suitable plastic shredder solution, if you have any demand, just call us, we will provide you good plastic shredder solution.

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